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MORE Contests to HELP Critter Camp!!!! 
It's super easy & free!!! 

1. This one is REALLY Important!! PLEASE Go to: The Animal Rescue Site Contest! click here & choose Critter Camp in IL - vote once a day every day- share & ask your friends to vote too! Only 2 weeks left!

It's time for a chance to play Santa Claus!

 Nominate your favorite rescue or shelter to receive a gift of food from ZuPreem on your behalf   

just in time for the holidays!


Here's how it works:

Send the name of your nominated shelter or rescue including the name, address, phone number and a contact name

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

824 Church St.
German Valley, IL 61039

Beth Randall


On December 15th, 10 nominees will be randomly selected to receive one case of ZuPreem food  

on your behalf.


3. has an AWESOME sweepstakes where you can win $1,500 worth of prizes, AND a shelter of your choice and win as well. Enter to help Critter Campwin $1,000 worth of food & supplies of their choice!! 
(to enter Critter Camp, select "Illinois" for the state, and "German Valley" for the town, and you can choose Critter Camp!)
4.  Rescued is my Favorite Breed Contest! Enter To WIN 3 FREE Dichronic Glass Paw Print Pendants for you and your favorite Animal Rescue or Shelter (ahem- Critter Camp!) can WIN $300! You can enter Once Per Day... and if you SHARE the link, you can get additional entries into the Sweepstakes! 
5. Click here and fill out the form  by December 24, 2012 to enter and win $200 of Wellness Natural Pet Food for your Dog or Cat AND $1,000 of Wellness Natural Pet Food for the Shelter or Pet Rescue Group of Your Choice!
Newest Critters!
5 ratties we rescued from a kill shelter!
white ratty 2 of 5
white Ratty , one of 5
white ratty of 5
White Ratty 2 of 5
2 of 5 ratties
2 Black ratties of 5
brown of 5 ratties
Handsome Brown & white ratty boy, of 5
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So many ways to Help Critter Camp this Holiday Season!!

#1. Go to before you shop online & choose Critter Camp as your charity- then we get a percentage of the total sale price without raising your costs at all! Cool huh :)
#2. Shop for gifts that help Critter Camp
Our Cafe press Store
LaCroix T's, hoodies, etc.
Into the Wild Plushies
Rescue Roast Gourmet Coffee
Customized Luxe Sandals
#3. Make a donation to Critter Camp in honor of someone at Global Giving
#4. Send a donation Gift Card to the animal lover on your list and mention Critter Camp as a good recipient
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We still need Santas for a few of our Fuzzies!
ferret giving tree
Critter Camp has 10 ferrets on the Giving Tree this year! 
Starting with Big Al to Moonie on Tree 26
buddy yawn

Critter Camp is finishing up work on our Booklet for Shelters:
Immediate Intake Care of Small Exotic and Unusual Pets
Please send your shelter's mailing address to us at if you'd like a FREE copy!


Critter Camp has been accepted as one of only a few Animal Charities on ECHOage
Teach your kids about giving in a fun way!
This fantastic site promotes birthday parties for kids that also help charities! 
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See the article in Woman's Day here!
Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
Be sure to Share it & subscribe to their channel too!!