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LAND Update!!! 
land sign
This weekend Matthew Olsen & his scout troop put up this awesome sign they made on our LAND!!
Now we are waiting for a response on our grant to build the building- fingers crossed!!!!!!!
Buy Now
As we wait for the Chase $ it is critical that we raise funds for supplies immediately- please help us care for the rescues with a small donation - $5 can feed a mouse for a month! $10 feeds a fox for a week! $25 buys 50 lbs of premium quality rabbit pellets.
Alistair the mink says Thanks!
Peaches the hedgehog says I'm not coming out until Critter Camp can buy more treats!
cairo cute
Cairo says I am soooo cute how can you resist helping !?
feivel cute
Feivel the chinchilla says pweeeeze give a little bit!
gquigs side
Quiggly, well he squeals for some yummy dried chicken! Help us order it !

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ferret giving tree
Critter Camp has 10 ferrets on the Giving Tree this year! 
Starting with Big Al to Moonie on Tree 26
big al
buddy yawn
Buddy - RAWR!

Critter Camp is finishing up work on our Booklet for Shelters:
Immediate Intake Care of Small Exotic and Unusual Pets
Please send your shelter's mailing address to us at if you'd like a FREE copy!


Critter Camp has been accepted as one of only a few Animal Charities on ECHOage
Teach your kids about giving in a fun way!
This fantastic site promotes birthday parties for kids that also help charities! 
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See the article in Woman's Day here!
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Critter Camp!!!
Critter Camp!!!
Check out this fantastic funny and cute video The Possum Posse made for Critter Campp! 
Be sure to Share it & subscribe to their channel too!!