To all Grandparents, friends, and extended family of students at Riverview.  

Upcoming Performances 

1st-3rd & 6th grades


Join us for..

How Does Your 

Garden Grow?


Performed by

 1st Grade Students   

Tuesday, November 19

6:30-7:30 p.m.

School Gym


Let's take a journey to Herb's magical garden. The seeds have sprouted, the rain has come, and petals bloom brightly in the sun. But what's this!? 

The weeds are taking over! Join the fun with a country-style garden hoedown, and help save the crop! 


Join us for a 

A Musical Tale of Ancient Civilizations:

Performed by

 6th Grade Students


 Date & Time in January   to be announced soon!   


Travel back in time and join inquisitive archeologists, Taki and Tut, and their fossil friend, Lucy, as they explore the wonders of ancient civilization. From the farm laborers of early Mesopotamia and Egyptian mummies who rap to a chorus of ancient Greeks and Romulus and Remus who dream of building a great city, you will love discovering the archeological mysteries of the past. 

Riverview Charter School
81 Savannah Hwy.
Beaufort, SC 29906

Join us for...


Performed by

  3rd Grade Students  


Tuesday, December 10

6:30-7:30 p.m.

School Gym


It's the day before Christmas Eve and Santa is ready to take the reindeer on their annual test drive before the big day. But what's this? The reindeer can't fly?! Or... is it that they won't fly? Santa and the elves can't figure it out, but something is definitely wrong. 

Enter "The Reindeer Whisperer." With his keen sense of understanding, mastery, and in-depth knowledge of reindeer lore, he is able to hear what no elf has heard before.


Please park in the Gym parking lot (right side of the school campus) and enter through the gym door.