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May 2014


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May Calendar

 Take a look at what's going on at St. Francis this month:



May 5-9
National Nurses Week


May 12-16
National Hospital Week


Tuesday, May 6
Facts of Life for Mothers and Daughters


Wednesday, May 7
WomenHeart Support Group 


Thursday, May 8
Natural Family Planning


Monday, May 12
Breastfeeding Support Group


Tuesday, May 20
Hip & Knee Pain Seminar


Thursday, May 22
Heart Saver CPR AED

 Featured Article

Seasonal allergies, sinus infections and colds all can cause nasal congestion and make you feel downright miserable, so it can be difficult to tell them apart. Please continue reading to learn the four ways to tell whether you are suffering from allergies or a sinus infection:

Allergies or Sinus Infection? 4 Ways to Tell.


Seasonal allergies, sinus infections and colds all can cause nasal congestion and make you feel downright miserable, so it can be difficult to tell them apart. Making it even harder, these conditions are linked; nasal blockage caused by allergies or a cold can end up as sinusitis if the blocked mucus becomes infected.


Here's a cheat sheet to help figure out what is causing your misery:


How long it lasts: If your congested nose and breathing difficulty last longer than a week, it's probably not a cold. Most likely, it's allergies, and needs to be treated with an antihistamine, not a decongestant. Sinusitis typically lasts about two weeks, and can follow a bout of allergies or a cold.


Facial pressure and pain: The severity of facial pain and pressure is one of the most telltale factors of a sinus infection. Allergies usually don't cause nearly as much facial pain and pressure as sinusitis does. If you have sinusitis, you can feel pressure and pain in your nose, cheeks, forehead and even upper teeth.


Itching: An itchy, runny nose and watery eyes indicate allergies. This happens as a result of your immune system reacting to a foreign substance (we're looking at you, pollen) by releasing histamines.


Fever, body aches and nausea: If you experience these symptoms, sinusitis is likely to blame. Sinus infections are the result of blocked mucus becoming infected with bacteria, and this infection causes you to feel sicker and more fatigued than you would with allergies or a cold.


While the sniffling and congestion may be similar in all three, the treatments should differ. A simple cold can be relieved by an over-the-counter decongestant, while seasonal allergies should be treated with an antihistamine. If symptoms last for more than four days, see a doctor. "It's not good for your body to use decongestants for weeks on end. It's best to make sure what your diagnosis is and get the proper medication," says Dr. Thomas Sellner, Ear Nose and Throat specialist with Carolina ENT.


To treat sinusitis, a prescription antibiotic and topical nasal steroid spray can control the symptoms. For those with chronic sinusitis - meaning it keeps coming back multiple times a year or never really goes away - minimally-invasive sinus surgery may be the best option to control symptoms once and for all.  



Watch Dr. A. J. Goforth, III of Carolina ENT discuss allergy testing, seasonal vs. perennial allergies, and tips for allergy sufferers: 



 Allergy Testing: 





Seasonal vs. Perennial Allergies:


Tips for Allergy Sufferers:
Thank a Nurse 

Anyone who has visited our hospitals can see that our nurses are what truly make Bon Secours St. Francis special. They truly are acting as God's hands and feet while providing good help to those in need.


This Nurses' Week (May 5-9), plan to recognize a special nurse in your life. Post a message to the St. Francis facebook page telling why this nurse is special to you, or make a donation to the St. Francis Foundation in his or her honor. We sincerely thank the over one thousand Bon Secours St. Francis nurses who bless us with their expertise and passion every day.

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Did you know that when you choose a doctor, you are choosing your hospital? Today, most physicians are employed by a health system. Our providers are backed by the only hospital in South Carolina to be recognized as a 100 Top Hospital by Truven Analytics®, to receive six Healthgrades® America's 100 Best Awards, to be designated as an AAGL™ Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology, and are the first nationally accredited cath lab with Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence (ACE).


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Remember that Bon Secours Express Care downtown, After Hours Care in Greenville and Travelers Rest are open on weekends! For sports injuries, call 675-HURT for at-home advice and priority appointments. Stay safe and well!

Welcome to the Family
Bon Secours Medical Group is proud to welcome the following physicians:
Julie Kinsman, MD 
Terrell Leeke, MD
Stephanie Phillips, MD   
Julie Stephens, MD



Robert Siegel, MD

Photos of the Month



Future Habitat for Humanity homeowner Tammy finds irises in bloom in her yard with Lori Center, director of Community Relations. Our logo, the fleur-de-lis, is an ancient symbol of the iris bloom. "It's a God thing," Tammy says.



"Super Saints" employee volunteers work at the Project Rx drug take back event on April 26 at ST. FRANCIS millennium. This free event takes back unused medication to be safely disposed of, keeping it out of our water systems and off our streets.





Dr. David Godwin of Commonwealth Women's Care shows off the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Many surgeries, including hysterectomy, can be performed robotically. (Photo courtesy of The Greenville News)






Getting muddy at the Goodwill Mud Run, sponsored by St. Francis Sports Medicine.



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