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It's the most wonderful time of the year - weeks filled with sweet treats, festive drinks, delectable nibbles, scrumptious side dishes and more! All of that wonderful food can add up to extra inches on the waistline. In fact, Americans gain an average of seven pounds during the holidays! Please continue reading for how to celebrate the season without going overboard:

Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy!


To celebrate this season without going overboard, consider the following tips from our Registered Dietitians:


  • Make it your goal to maintain your weight during the holiday season. Maintaining your weight is an accomplishment in itself!
  • Before going to a party, have a healthy snack that includes protein so you don't arrive famished.
  • Spend your calories on a small portion of something you really want. If it's not your favorite or you can eat it any time of year, skip it!
  • Choose a small plate and fill of it with lower-calorie, nutrient rich foods like vegetables, fruits, shrimp, and roasted turkey. Reserve the remaining quarter of your plate for anything you want.
  • Pace yourself while eating and savor each flavor. This will help you feel more satisfied, and you'll realize when you are full.
  • Alcohol can easily add 100 -1,000 calories to your meal! Choose light drinks and sip slowly. Have a glass of water between drinks.
  • Take a walk after your Christmas lunch to help you digest and burn extra calories. Every little bit of exercise helps!


Want to learn more? To schedule an individual nutrition counseling session, call 864-675-4323.



Welcome to Bon Secours Medical Group

Bon Secours Medical Group is proud to welcome Kurt Budelmann, MD to Woodward Medical Center and Erin Dickert, MD to Upstate Maternal Fetal Medicine. Find a Bon Secours Medical Group physician:

2013 Festival of Trees


Start a fun holiday tradition by bringing your family downtown to see the trees at the St. Francis Foundation's Festival of Trees! The beautifully decorated trees are displayed through January 1st at the Hyatt Regency Downtown, the Courtyard Greenville Downtown and the Hampton Inn & Suites RiverPlace.

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