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This is for beginning singers who want to learn solid basic techniques
 and tools for healthy singing.  In a warm, safe and loving environment you will learn step-by-step:           
  • How to breathe for singing
  • How to project correctly
  • How to strengthen your voice and build endurance
  • The tools to become comfortable and confident with your voice in just a 4 30 minute sessions.



    • 4 30 Minute Vocal Coachings
    • BONUS:  Vocal Health Kit


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    Signature Song

    What truly sets you apart from your competition?  Do you even know the answer?  Music has a way of getting into our heads and triggering emotions on a subconscious level the way nothing else can.  The concept of a "jingle", a short advertising message in the form of a tune backed by music, was developed in the 1920s and today continues to be one of the preferred methods for advertisers around the globe.  Not only are they great for instant recognition, but they have a long shelf life.  Some jingles last decades and never lose their effectiveness.

    Developing an audio brand doesn't have to be a confusing mess.  It's really a simple (and enjoyable)  process.

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    This 4-part program is for you if:
    • You believe it's more spiritual to be poor but struggle to pay your bills and wish you didn't?
    • You've thought, "Blessed are the poor in spirit" means blessed are the poor.
    • You think the Bible is confusing when it comes to money and would like to know what it really means to have life more abundantly.
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    A program to help churches, spiritual centers and faith based people increase their financial abundance. Through sound spiritual principles and sacred archetypes, you learn to reap what is sown as you discover your Sacred Money Archetype which reveals how to remove blocks to the abundance that is your Divine inheritance.
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    Two thoughts for you:
    • How you do money is how you do everything.
    • Making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path.
    In this program I will reveal my money breakthrough secrets,
    where I'll personally coach YOU onexactly how to stop crippling money self-sabotage and create life changing money breakthroughs, giving you an exciting new relationship with money - without spending hundreds of hours trying to figure it out on your own.
    • 6 interactive coaching calls with Orgena
    • Downloadable handouts & templates
    • Practical action step assignments after each call
    • BONUS #1:  Clearing Your Money Clutter Kick-Start Call
    • BONUS #2:  Beautiful Full Color Money Type Cards
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    Designed for singers who have sung before or have basic skills and desire to move up to the next level!  You will learn how to choose the right songs, and sing them confidently, how to work through "the break" or
    passagio, and most importantly enjoy singing!

    • 4 live coaching sessions
    • Yes, You CAN Sing! vocal workout MP3
    • BONUS:  Vocal Health Kit
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    This program is for experienced singers who would like to continue sharpening their skills, hone their craft and master their voice.
    • Master your singing technique
    • Build the repertoire that's right for you
    • Choose the right tone and placement for different songs
    • Interpret the song's message powerfully and authentically ROCK your performance
    • 5 live coaching sessions
    • Yes, You CAN Sing! Home Study Course
    • BONUS:  Vocal Health Kit
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    This program is for the beginning speaker who desires to step into the power of their voice!  Gaining solid and proven step-by-step techniques you will learn to:
    • Speak clearly and confidently
    • Strengthen your voice and projection
    • Polish your presentation skills and professionalism
    • Finally be seen and heard

    • 4 live coaching sessions
    • BONUS #1:  5 Steps to An Empowered Voice e-book and audio training
    • BONUS #2:  Vocal Health Kit
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    Speak with Brilliance, Authority, and Mastery!
    This program is for public speakers who desire to create exciting and memorable connections when communicating to others whether on the stage or in the elevator!
    • Know exactly what to say when you're asked, "What do you do?"
    • Speak authentically and powerfully
    • Trim the fat so your core message shines through
    • Add drama and pizzazz to your presentations 


    • 4 live coaching sessions
    • Vocal Spa Day
    • BONUS #1:  5 Steps to An Empowered Voice e-book and audio training
    • BONUS #2:  Vocal Health Kit
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    ROCK the Stage!  Know exactly what to do.  OWN the stage!  In this program you will take your performance and presentations to a new level!  Get standing ovations and people lining up to say YES to you!  You will learn:
    • How to move on stage like a pro
    • How to exude confidence
    • Work the microphone with ease
    • Say exactly what you need to say -- no more, no less
    • The secrets to rock solid performances
    • 6 live coaching sessions
    • Vocal Spa Day
    • BONUS #1:  5 Steps to An Empowered Voice e-book and audio training
    • BONUS #2:  Vocal Health Kit
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    This program is for those who have a product or would like to learn how to take what they do and package it into products and programs to earn more from what you already know!  You will learn and receive:
    • Product Checklists -- know what you need
    • Pricing Your Products -- solve the pricing problem
    • Marketing Must Haves -- make sure you have this
    • How to Share Your Product -- so people say YES
    • EZ Ezines -- make money from your ezine
    • Creating Products -- from what you know now
    • Your choice of:  1 VIP Day; 2 half VIP Days; or 6 live coaching sessions
    • BONUS #1:  Marketing Checklist
    • BONUS #2:  Discovery Session Success Script
    • BONUS #3:  Done for your Newsletter / Ezine Template
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    This program is for those who desire to make a huge leap in their career now!  With expert guidance from Orgena's years of experience in different genres, you will learn to:
    • Find your "soul's bulle-eye" -- what you really, passionately want to do.  Get clear!
    • Remove the blocks and fears keeping you from taking action.
    • Create a solid, step-by-step plan to realize your dreams and goals...NOW!

    Finally do what you love to do and get paid well for it.

    • Your choice of:  six 30-minute coaching sessions OR three 1-hour coaching sessions
    • BONUS:  Free ticket to a live or online event
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    Spend the day learning the secrets to pamper your VOICE!  Yes, just like the rest of your body, treat your vocal cords to a massage, a moisturizing treatment, and a "cordial"!  A fun time of learning what to avoid and what to do to care for your voice so it's always at its best! and relaxation!



    Vocal Spa Day
    • 2-hour spa experience
    • Vocal Health Kit
    • BONUS: Spa Gift Basket 

    Investment:  $597


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    Yes You Can Sing Homestudy Program
    This home study course is for those who don't think they can sing, stopped singing and want to start again, or need to polish up their technique and strengthen their voice.  You will learn:
    • How to breathe correctly for singing
    • How to get a stronger sound and project more
    • How to gain confidence, enjoy your voice and SING!
    • Yes, You CAN Sing! Vocal Workout CD
    • Yes, You CAN Sing! Workshop DVD
    • Yes, You CAN Sing! Workbook / Journal
    • BONUS:  Vocal Health Kit
    Investment:  $147  
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    You've seen lots of great ways to receive help but maybe you don't have the time or are on a tight budget. If you'd like Orgena Rose to personally review your performance or audition song but you can't actually attend one of our workshops or private coaching sessions, we can offer you our services virtually through YouTube.


    Investment:  $50.00

    Just pop the CD in or listen on your iPod or MP3 player and in just 10 minutes a day you'll notice a huge difference in your voice in the first week!  Public speakers, teachers, coaches, singers, voiceover artists, broadcasters...anyone who uses their voice consistently.
    • Stop losing your voice
    • Learn how to project without hurting
    • Put an end to raspiness and hoarseness

    Achieve amazing results in just 10 minutes a day!

    • Vocal Athlete Workout CD or MP3 download
    • Vocal Athlete DVD / Video
    • Vocal Health Kit
    • BONUS:  5 Steps to An Empowered Voice e-book and audio training
    Investment:  $147 

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    The benefits of leadership development, coaching and training are beyond words in many cases but here are the top three benefits that can be anticipated through this program:

    • Develop a leadership plan for professional and personal growth
    • More personal satisfaction with work and personal life
    • Leader's time is freed for creating and visioning

    Learn to become a transformational leader NOW!  See growth in your business and brand within 60 days.

    Piano Power

    Piano Power is a unique and fun way to learn to play the piano!  Designed to walk you through from start to finish, Piano Power is the only instructional tool you'll need as you strive to finally learn this wonderful instrument -- even if you're sitting down to it for the very first time.



    • 10 30-minute private lessons,
    • 10 power packed written lessons sent once a week,
    • step-by-step instructions,
    • clear demonstrations,
    • PLUS a special bonus during your 5th week of instruction -- a special 10-song Play-along CD will be sent to you as a downloadable file that includes popular songs you already know, such as "Let It Be",  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and "What A Wonderful World", just to name a few.
    • Great supplement to Orgena's Songwriting Success program!
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    Full day 1-on-1 private coaching for your voice and business.

    • Vocal Athlete Workout CD or MP3 download
    • Vocal Athlete DVD / Video
    • Vocal Health Kit
    • Practice Calendar
    • Vocal Assessment
    • Personalized Coaching!
    • BONUS:  5 Steps to An Empowered Voice e-book and audio training
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    With the basics in Lesson 1, you'll instantly know how to recognize a great song and how to begin your own!  Includes:
    • What is the basic structure of a song
    • How and whether or not to rhyme
    • What is a bridge
    • What's the difference between a chorus and a verse
    • And more!
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    • Feel confident and look polished as you stand in front of people!
    • Speak all day with strength and power!
    • Deliver your message easily and effortlessly and get the results you want!
    Work with Orgena to get the tools to strengthen your voice and go to the next level in a safe and fun environment!

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    Every Orgena Rose product or service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply send it back and you will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price. We appreciate your business!

    Orgena Rose is a singer, songwriter, actor and award-winning vocal coach who has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall and toured internationally. She has appeared on Oprah, Conan, The Tony Awards, The Today Show, and PBS; in numerous commercials, voice-overs and movies where her music has been featured. She has sung with many artists such as Patti LaBelle, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Leah Michele of Glee.

    Orgena also has over 18 years experience as an award-winning vocal coach, director, and acting coach for many theatres, conferences, arts organizations and educational institutions such as Westminster Conservatory in Princeton, NJ; The Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood, CA; and AMDA College and Conservatory where she is presently voice faculty. Her students have gone on to win competitions such as the Mrs. America Talent Competition, perform on American Idol, and have successful and fulfilling careers.

    Here's to your vocal success!

    Love and happiness,
    Orgena Rose

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