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Holiday Bazaar
January 19, 2016


"God's love calls us to proclaim with joy the Good News of Jesus Christ,
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Holiday Bazaar Report 
New Leadership Team for 2016





Mary Ann Stroup Transitioning 
Holiday Bazaar Continuing with new chairperson and new team leaders

It is with great gratitude that I acknowledge all of the support you have provided during the many years that I have been chairperson of the Holiday Bazaar.   I have decided to step down from this position. I will remain on board as the transition facilitator for the Bazaar and to assist the new chairperson this year and continue to contribute to the making of crafts and guiding the new team leaders for this section.

I am very proud of all we have accomplished together and firmly believe this is very healthy for the bazaar and Trinity. We have grown close, weaved a fabric of community within Trinity, reached out to the New Haven Community and raised over $500,000 for the preservation of our church building. This happens not because of one person but all of us working together.  It is said, "The bazaar is a well-oiled machine". Yes, it is because each of us has worked together in unison believing that Trinity occupies a special place in our hearts. The many components of the bazaar spin off of each other contributing to its success.  Each section has been built with a leader and a team working together; this is at the heart of the ongoing success of the bazaar.

Caren Carpenter has accepted the role of Chairperson for the Bazaar. Caren is well prepared for this position and has been actively involved in the bazaar from our beginning days. I support Caren and look forward to working with her.  Presently, the plan is to continue building on the team concept and to review and strengthen each section.
Sheila Owens and Catherine Williams are the new co- team leaders to coordinate the craft/sewing section, and projects with the Wed Club and the Fourth Tuesday group. The new Fourth Tuesday group has really had a very positive effect in creating products and building friendships.  It is hoped more people will step forward and take ownership of individual projects and work in a timely manner in order to keep the bazaar well stocked with merchandise and fresh ideas.
Overall, the subsections of the bazaar are working well with capable leaders and good support teams.  We recognize some areas will need to be strengthened and that is our charge for this year.

The Bazaar is our legacy and with your help will continue for years to come.
My heartfelt thanks to you all.
Mary Ann

New Chairperson: Caren Carpenter 

To use an old cliché, Mary Ann is a hard act to follow! She has given so much to Trinity Church in so many ways, but surely her major achievement is making our Holiday Bazaar the best in Connecticut. 
I am thankful for Mary Ann and Luk's confidence in me as I change hats and continue to serve Trinity Church in this new role. I look forward to working closely with all of the Bazaar's current team members and with Mary Ann who will guide me as I learn the fine details of the planning and operation of the Holiday Bazaar.  
In a separate notice I will call for an initial meeting so that we can all voice our thoughts and ideas as we go forward.  I know we are all committed to the continuing success of our Holiday Bazaar.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Holiday Bazaar 2015 Report
Again the energy and hard work of Trinity members resulted in another financially successful Holiday Bazaar. We raised $36,450 making our grand total through the years over $500,000. Congratulations to all. 
The success and the ability to sustain the bazaar has been the result of outstanding team leadership and talent within the church, a tremendous amount of volunteer support year after year and the commitment of the parish, staff and clergy.
The funds raised have helped us to carry out the building infrastructure projects for which there was insufficient funding from the general budget over the years. This included restoration of the majority of the stain glass windows, contributing to the renovation of the Undercroft, and creation of a reserve fund for the remaining two windows. Beginning in 2013, a reserve fund was created to escrow funds for restoration of the crumbling steps in front of the church. A matching grant from the State Historic Preservation Office Grant has already been procured by Properties and the History Ministry.  
It is the recommended that from the $36,450 raised from Holiday Bazaar 2015 that $16,000 be allocated to the Stained Glass Window Reserve: $20,000 be allocated to the Step Fund and $450 be placed in the Holiday Bazaar Structural fund for non-recurring purchases.
Window Reserve: Allocating $16,000 to the Window Reserve will bring the current total to $59,856 with a goal of around $65,000 for the remaining two windows. It is recommended that an assessment of all the windows be done again and the bazaar continue to build the window reserve for the future.
Step Reserve: A grant from the State Historic Preservation Office Grant has been procured.  The grant is for $117,000 requiring an equal match by Trinity. To date the Step Fund created by the bazaar has $35,000. By adding an additional $20,000 this year the fund will have a total of $55,000 to be used for the step replacement. The present plan is to take the remaining monies needed ($62,000) from the endowment. It is recommended that the remaining balance of $62,000 be raised over the next two to three year by the Bazaar and replace the borrowed funds from Trinity's endowment.
Structural account: Through the years the Bazaar has kept a small account to purchase items like displays and signs that enhance the effectiveness of the bazaar. This year we recommend that $450 be placed in this account. The Bazaar is healthy and secure and as we move forward these monies are needed.
It has been a real privilege to be chairperson of the bazaar through these many years.  I have great confidence that the new leadership will carry on the traditions, the goals of the bazaar which are to create community within the parish, provide community outreach and generate funds to support our historic church home.
With gratitude,
Mary Ann Stroup  


 The bazaar has a place for everyone and needs many hands

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club meets weekly from 9 until noon in the undercroft. This dynamic group works together, enjoying fellowship and coffee each week while working on a wide variety of Holiday Bazaar projects which  include hand sewing, embroidery, knitting, assembling crafts, machine sewing, tagging all products, wrapping surprise gifts, and sorting and pricing tag sale items.  The Days for Girls program is also at work machine sewing, serging, cutting and ironing, and snapping shields to make components for Feminine Hygiene kits. The Wednesday Club gathers from January through November each year.
Our snow rule is: In case of snow, we follow the Hamden public school policy. If Hamden is closed, so are we. If Hamden is postponed we will start at 9am. Always consider your own safety.

Fourth Tuesday
Join us for an evening of making and preparing items for the Holiday Bazaar each 4th Tuesday of the month from 5:30 until 8 in the undercroft. Come and bring your sewing machines and tools, extension cords, and ideas. We very much need folks to iron, stitch, and assemble, and to support our machine sewer.  Come and learn how to knit and help create simple knitted items for the bazaar.  This group supports the activities of the Wednesday Club.  This is a great way to socialize and introduce your friends to Trinity.
Dates:  January 26,  February 23, March 22, April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23, September 27, and October25.  As other dates become available we will let you know.
 Contact:         Catherine Williams J71782hot@aol.com
                        Sheila Owen sheilaowen06@sbcglobal.net

Handmade Christmas Ornaments 
Handmade Christmas Ornaments have been a main attraction for the bazaar and is the center focus as you enter the bazaar.  We now need to create an "Ornament Group" that will specifically work on ornaments and seasonal items like mini Christmas trees. We are looking for a few folks who can paint faces and paint holiday scenes on Christmas balls, and truly love creating Christmas ornaments.
Wood working
There are crafts to be made but we need the help of folks who are skilled with a band saw and drill press. We often pass ideas by because of lack of skilled woodworkers. There are craft items that could be sold if we could create a cadre of woodworkers.
Surprise Gifts 
Surprise Gifts generate considerable income. We completely sold out this year as we do many years. Creating and wrapping the hundreds of gifts is time consuming and best done on a consistent basis throughout the year.  We need hundreds of new items valued at $1 to $5 preferably wrapped in Christmas paper. They may be dropped off at the church throughout the year. 


 The bazaar has a place for everyone and needs many hands

Holiday Bazaar Contacts:
Chairperson:                                 Caren Carpenter               carencarpenter2@gmail.com
Assistant to the Chair:                  Jenny Briggs                      jenniferobriggs@gmail.com

Crafts and fourth Tuesday            Catherine Williams      J71782hot@aol.com
                                                      Sheila Owen                sheilaowen06@sbcglobal.net

Knitting:                                        Candy Carl-Stannard      pcstannard@att.net

Wednesday Club:                           Pat Chappell                        rachappell@sbcglobal.net
                                                       Fran Hofmeister                  fenncamp13@gmail.com

Silent Auction:                              Rose Pawlikowski              rapawlik98@hotmail.com
                                                      Charlotte Rea                  Charlotte.Rea@carneysandoe.com 

Tag Sale:                                        Leigh Cromey                       leighcromey@gmail.com
                   Jenny Briggs                         jenniferobriggs@gmail.com

Raffle:                                             Caren Carpenter               carencarpenter2@gmail.com
                                                       Beth Guido                            blgpenguin@aol.com

Bake Sale:                                       Liz Dickenson                       elizmd@sbcglobal.net
                                                        Bonnie Miller                       bmelymil@gmail.com

Food Court:                                     Mary Outtrim                       maryouttrim@sbcglobal.net
                                                         Pat Chappell                           rachappell@sbcglobal.net                                                                      Elizabeth Duenkel           Elizabeth.duenkel@yale.edu

Publicity:                                                  Jenny Briggs                  jenniferobriggs@gmail.com

Point of Sale:                                          Ray Chappell                       rachappell@sbcglobal.net

Celebrating Holiday Bazaar

In 2016 we are  celebrating our bicentennial presence on the New Haven Green. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the 25 years of Holiday Bazaar ministry at Trinity. Especially the leadership of Mary Ann Stroup. Mary Ann has shaped the Holiday Bazaar into this strong Trinity community event on the New Haven Green. In recognition of all her leadership and loyal service, we will celebrate this year's Holiday Bazaar with special thanksgiving for all that Mary Ann has given to Trinity and the wider community. 

Thank you Mary Ann!
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