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March 2014

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Raw Baby Kale Salad
Raw Food Potluck
Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser
My New Love
Biblical Oils Class
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
Got Asthma? Allergies?
Raw Food Intro Class
The Natural Effect
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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Green Juice2
Are you ready to DETOX, CLEANSE and REBOOT? Then this is the class for you!
Have you ever wanted to do a juice fast for 3, 10, 30 or 100 days? Well, it is possible and learn how you can do a short or long term juice cleanse.
 In this class we will make fresh organic juice from a citrus, centrifugal, vitamix and twin gear juicer. Learn the best way to juice, how to juice, where to get a juicer, where to buy fresh juice, how to travel on a juice cleanse, where to buy produce, what supplements to take and more!
Class includes booklet with recipes and juicing information along with juice samples and support for your juicing journey.

I have successfully done a 92 day juice cleanse and have guided 6 other people on their juice feasting journey. This is a very packed 3 hour course with lots of information.

COST: $127
TIME: March 20, 2014
6 PM to 9 PM.

You must call to pay and register at 403-254-5991.
Raw Baby Kale Salad

with Apples, Sunflower Seeds, and Lemon-Dijon Vinaigrette

Have you tried the new baby kale lettuces? They are so yummy!! Even Abigail loves them. Try this amazing recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen.


Salad Ingredients:
5 oz. mixed baby kale leaves
1 large gala apple
1/4 cup dry-roasted sunflower seeds

Dressing Ingredients:
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
2 tsp. Sweetener
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
2 T + 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

If you can't find the mixed baby kale leaves I highly recommend Red Russian Kale for this salad instead of other kale varieties. If using Red Kale, cut away the rib in each leaf and chop the kale into bite-sized pieces. The baby kale does not need to be chopped.

Mix together the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and sweetener (or sugar), and then whisk in the olive oil to make the dressing. Core the apple, cut into slices, and cut each slice into chunks. Put apple pieces in a small bowl and toss with about half the dressing, making sure each piece of the apple is coated with dressing.

Put the kale into a bowl large enough to hold all the salad, add the rest of the dressing and toss to coat.  Add the apples coated with dressing and sunflower seeds and toss again.


For more information click here: RAINDROP
Third Sunday of the Month
Did you know we still have our raw food potlucks? Here is a picture from our Italian theme from February from one of our guest of Yellow Beet Pasta Alfredo and Mango Zucchini Pasta. This month we are having an Asian theme. I will be making my delicious nori wraps with a spicy sauce. Come out and see what all the fun is about.

We love raw foods and love sharing recipes and trying new dishes. Do you have a favorite you would like to share? You can learn more about our raw food potlucks here: Meetup

Cost is free, just bring a raw food asian themed dish, your own plate and fork.

This month's potluck is Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 5 PM. Kids are welcome. For location, call to register at 403-254-5991.
The BEST!!

Young Living's Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser is a unique, natural way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home or workplace.

This Aria combines the latest in ultrasonic technology with a variety of useful features.  


The included remote lets you choose from a selection of soothing, built-in sounds or enjoy the multicolored LED lights. With the built-in speakers, you can plug in your own personal music player and enjoy the music of your choice.


The Aria comes with free 5ml essential oil bottles of citrus fresh & peppermint.


To order this amazing spa quality diffuser, call Tonya at 403-667-6085. 


Young Living - Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser
Young Living - Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser


My New Love

So I can't decide what is my new favorite, the new Mrs. Green's Natural Grocer by Planet Organic or the Tea Squared tea that they carry. Every time I go in there I discover something new. So here are a few of my favorite finds: They have amazing tea lattes- all organic of course and with options from soy, to almond, coconut or organic milk. My favorite is the Uncle Grey London Fog- It's so delicious! They have a loyalty card.

You can also get all natural turkey bacon, MELT organic buttery spread, natural deli meats, a raw chaource cheese-so yummy! and my all time favorite is their organic fresh squeezed juices. They have a large organic produce selection as well. Abigail's favorite is their FREE gluten free cookie. 

And for those that are busy, they have been offering rotisserie chickens already ready to eat for only $23.99, this is less than buying an uncooked chicken! They have a huge to go section of prepared foods and an organic salad bar.

Mrs. Greens is located at
 #100, 4916 130th Avenue SE

Can you believe it, Spring is almost here? Wow! What a brutal winter we have had. Are you ready to reboot, re-balance, detox and get in shape for summer? I know I am! Be sure to check out our juice cleansing class, SOQI detox sessions, essential oils and raw food classes for the Spring. Only 3 months away to summer. Let's get ready!

Spring is a great time to start a juice cleanse and what better way to start a cleanse then high amounts of fresh organic juices to get the body re-balanced and re-mineralized. And if a juice cleanse is too intense for you, learn how to incorporate more raw foods into your diet or start out with a SOQI session to help detox the body. Either way, we offer many options to healing for optimum health this Spring.
Nurse Abigail 
Have You Tried a SOQI Spa Session?
A Total Health Management Experience

Have you tried a SOQI spa session? You don't know what you are missing! We even have chiropractors who loves this equipment but will not share with clients for fear of losing business. Who can use the SOQI bed? We have clients who are paralyzed and this equipment works great for giving them exercise and cleansing the body, people who are dealing with high amounts of pain, arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorders, allergies, skin conditions, blood pressure issues, cancer, lyme disease  and a host of other ailments. The SOQI system can help maintain normal health or to assist in your healing journey.   


We have some introductory specials for the Spring.   

In  our busy fast pace lives, complementary medicine or holistic health is the most popular way to look after your body and well being. Preventative  measures is now first priority. People seek drug-free solutions and are turning to the healing power of nature.  


Come in for a 30 minute session.  



30 Minute SOQI Session $27

30 Minute Ionic Foot Bath $37

1 Hour SOQI + Ionic Foot Bath $47 


Call to book an appointment. 403-254-5991.
Benefits of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine - video #1 of 10
Explanation of the SOQI Effect

Who Are Our Clients?

Many people are confused and don't understand what live blood analysis is or think it is quack science. We have been in business for over 12 years and have helped people heal from a host of diseases, weight issues, hormonal imbalances, stage 4 diseases, diabetes, arthritis and more.

Live Blood Analysis is a great way to track your progress of healing if you are choosing alternative healing. We have many cancer patients who can see their healing progress through microscopy. Live Blood Analysis is a safe, effective and non-invasive way to track health progress.
Our services can give insight into the body and keeping health issues confidential, which can benefit those seeking higher amounts for life insurance policies and keeping health issues private to employers or family members.

Our expertise is providing nutritional dietary information based on your specific analysis. Food strategy is key to healing and no two people are alike when it comes to recommendations.

Live Blood Analysis is a two part session. First session is 2 1/2 hours and consist of a live and dark field sample and live blood reading along with information based on your results. Second session is 1 hour and includes live and dark field reading. Cost $327

Read our testimonies here: Testimonies For more information on live blood analysis, click here: Live Blood Analysis

*Many clients have been able to get reimbursement from private health insurance or supplemental insurance companies. No guarantees.
Biblical Oils of the Bible CLASS
Learn About God's Anointing Oils

Healing oils were an important part of the lives of Biblical peoples from Genesis to Revelation. They also bring compelling results today!

In Dr David Stewart's book he reveals the knowledge practiced by Jesus and his disciples when they anointed people with therapeutically active oils and healed them. Dr. David Stewart shares this powerful information, lost for centuries, and how modern science uses these same oils to successfully treat a host of diseases today.

Based upon both scripture and science, this engaging book cites more than 500 Biblical references to 33 species of essential oils, presents their uses, and explains how they work to correct the roots of disease, supported by prayer and human touch.

Fully indexed, this intriguing book has received strong endorsement by both the Christian and medical communities.  

Come and learn about 12 specific oils used for healing. Taste, smell and apply these amazing oils! 


We will anoint with oils. Bring your bible! This is my most popular class! 


Cost: FREE


Time: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 6:30 PM    

Location: Journey of Health 

Please call to register 403-254-5991.  


Have You Seen It?
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Trailer
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Trailer
Are you overweight, on medications, have health issues? I encourage you to watch the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. You can watch the movie for free on Netflix or here: MOVIE

You can also see testimonies on how people healed, lost weight and reduced or eliminated their medications by juice cleansing. Check out their youtube site: Testimonies

And once you are ready to start, consider registering for our juice cleansing class March 20, 2014.
Got Asthma? Allergies?
Try Young Living's RC Essential Oil Blend
Reduce or eliminate asthma medication, improve nasal congestion, breathing, allergies and more. Can an oil really do that? Absolutely! Call 403-667-6085 to order some today.
SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014 3PM to 5 PM

Raw Nori Rolls
Are you curious about raw foods or new to the raw food diet? Come learn and taste some amazing raw food recipes.

We will talk about the health benefits of raw foods, healing with raw foods, raw food recipes, the best books, equipment, diet and pitfalls and make 3 delicious raw food recipes. Click the image for more details.

Tonya Dahl is a certified raw food chef and has been teaching for over 8 years on raw foods and has an amazing talent with food.

Class size is limited. You must call to register and pay. 403-254-5991.

COST: $27
TIME: Sunday, March 30, 2014 3 PM to 5 PM
LOCATION: Journey of Health

The Natural Effect
The Natural Effect
Essential Oils for Beginners
Alternative First Aid Solutions
Are you wanting to learn alternative ways for healing in first aid situations, colds, viruses, dental and emotional issues and more?
Essential oils are the longest recorded method for healing dated back to biblical times.

Learn about 10 basic oils for dealing with cuts, scrapes, bruises, toothaches, depression, anxiety, fevers, colds, flu, skin disorders, viruses, fungus, allergies, sinuses and more.

We will discuss the benefits of using oils over conventional over the counter products and how oils are safe from infants to the dying with no side effects. Come taste, smell and apply these amazing foods called essential oils and learn how food really can be your medicine.

TIME: Thursday, March 27, 2014 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Journey of Health

Please call to register. Bring a friend and enter to win a free bottle of essential oils! 403-254-5991.
Keep an eye for next months classes. More raw food classes are coming up! I'd love to hear what you are planting in your garden this year. This is a great topic we talk about at our raw food potlucks. We love to share our bounty of produce and raw food recipes. Join us for our March raw food potluck. See you there!



  • Live Blood Analysis - 2 1/2 hours. We offer individual, family and group rates. We recommend spouses and/or families come together.

  • Energy Meridian Testing - We offer Before & After Scans

  • SOQI Energy Therapy Sessions - 30 minute sessions

  • Ionic Footbath - 30 minute session

  • Health & Nutrition Consultations - 1 hour sessions

  • Medical Blood Test Analysis - We can analyze medical and lab blood test comparisons

  • Prescription Drug and Supplementation Analysis - End the confusion.

  • Raw Food Classes - Check our calendar for upcoming classes on the Event Page

  • Raindrop Technique- Balance & Re-Align 

  • Essential Oils - Learn to use oils for physical and emotional healing.