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New Texas Legend Onion

October 2012


Bruce & Jeanie


Texas onions are legendary for their sweetness, and we're about to further that legend in a big way. In celebration of Dixondale's upcoming centennial, we're introducing a new variety of onion, the Texas Legend (TXL for short). This paragon of unparalleled sweetness will be available only from Dixondale Farms, direct from our catalog or Web site. We'll begin taking orders Nov. 1, and expect it to be a bestseller -- so be sure to order early!


The TXL, a short-day variety best grown in the Southern states, is one of the parents of the famous Vidalia onion varieties grown only in and around Vidalia, Georgia. The bulbs that are retained for breeding have to be the very best selections, and these same bulbs are being used to produce the seed for Dixondale Farms.   


Southern Regions, Fast-Growing, Long Storage

Advantages of the Texas Legend include the fact that it matures 10-14 days earlier than the Texas Supersweet 1015Y; it has excellent adaptation for Texas and other short-day regions; it offers better storage qualities than most sweet varieties; and for those of you selling your onions, it offers a higher percentage of market yields.  


In other words, you'll get more super-colossal onions with this variety than with any other short-day variety. During one trial, the average yield of the Texas 1015Y was 650 bags per acre, whereas the Texas Legend yielded 1,000 bags per acre.  

Health Benefits
Sweet yellow onions like the TXL not only taste delicious, they contain as many as 25 active compounds that help ensure good health. They're antibacterial and antifungal (features that fight infections), and studies show they may help lower your blood pressure, fight heart disease, prevent strokes, and shore up the immune system. They may even inhibit cancerous cell growth and osteoporosis.


A Little History 

The Texas Legend derives from the "Texas Grano 1015Y," which was named for its recommended October 15 seeding date. A Texas A&M research team led by Dr. Leonard Pike developed the ancestral onion in 1983. The sweet, mild 1015Y proved resistant to one of the major onion diseases, pink root, and soon became so popular that it made up a large portion of sweet onion production in Texas. Dr. Pike and his team then developed a series of follow-up varieties designed to enhance the healthy characteristics in the first 1015Y, among them the aptly named Texas Legend.


TexasLegendDixondaleOct12 Now, That's a Big Onion! 

Yes, we admit it...this photo has been modified slightly. The Texas Legend onions you harvest will be big, but not quite this big! Still, we're confident you'll be pleased with the uniform globe-shaped bulbs you'll enjoy from your plants. Here are the actual stats on the new TXL:

  • Sweet, yellow, uniform globed-shaped bulbs
  • Size potential: Up to six inches
  • Storage potential: Approximately 3-4 months
  • Days to Harvest: 105
  • Short-day onion (ideal for Southern growers) 
  • Ordering begins Nov. 1; shipping starts week of Nov. 12    

Give the TXL a try -- we think you'll love it!


Happy planting,


Bruce "Onionman" Frasier

Featured Products
Planting Time Aids 


Dixondale Farms offers numerous products to help you plant, fertilize, grow, protect, and harvest your produce. The following planting time products include a fertilizer, a combination feed and weed aid, an all natural feed and weed, and a chemical weed control option. All our fertilizers and feed-and-weed products come in four-pound bags, as well as our new resealable 12-pound bags. 


product of the month Dixondale Farms Onion Special 10-20-10: This exclusive fertilizer contains a blend of organic humic acids and essential micro-nutrients that onions crave, such as magnesium, zinc, boron, copper, iron, manganese, and molybdenum.  


This is the fertilizer you want to start your plants out with, in order to establish the root systems. Later, apply the Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0) until the onions start to bulb.

Dixondale Farms Feed and Weed 10-20-10: This is a unique fertilizer and organic pre-emergent herbicide all in one. The 100% natural corn gluten meal blocks weed germination, so you can establish your onions in a weed-free area, while our fertilizer blend provides the nutrients necessary for huge, delicious onions.


Treflan All Natural Feed and Weed 2-5-3: This purely organic product combines an all-natural fertilizer with the pre-emergent weed control power of corn gluten meal. It's ideal for preparing a weed-free bed and feeding your onions up to size without resorting to chemicals.

Treflan Herbicide Granules: This chemical herbicide does a bang-up job of pre-emergent weed and grass control, handling even the toughest weeds with ease. Just apply it before transplanting your onions. A one-pound container treats up to 1,200 square feet.


From Our Friends
Sweet Treats

Check out these winners from Dean Helton's garden in Polo, Illinois. The yellow onions are our classic Big Daddys; the red one's a Red Zeppelin. Now, that's some magnificent produce -- imagine the huge onion bloom you could make from any one of them! Drooling yet?


Got some onion-related photos to share? Click here for submission tips. You just might see your photo in a future newsletter!  

Around The Farm DixondaleOctATFphoto
Behind the Scenes 


Every fall, we introduce our hard-working customer service representatives to you. This year's team, shown at right, includes (back row, L to R): Melissa Romo, EJ Balderas, Mary Caddell, Amanda

Moreno, Bonnie Hernandez, and Janice Carrillo; (front row, L to R): Lori Lira, Jiovana Jaime, Rose Hernandez, and Abby Lira. Here's what each has to say:


Melissa Romo: Carrizo Springs is my hometown. I moved to Round Rock in 2000, and then San Antonio, working for Wal-Mart in both places. Now I'm back to my hometown working for Dixondale Farms!


Everardo Balderas, Jr. (EJ): I've been working at Dixondale Farms since August 2012 as the 'IT Guy.' I'm looking forward to my first onion season.


Mary McKaskle Caddell: As you can see, we've added to our Customer Service staff. We're all looking forward to helping and getting to know you. I'm going into my tenth year with Dixondale Farms, and feel blessed to be part of this family. As always, I wish you a great growing season!


Amanda Moreno: I'm 17 years old, and was recently brought on the team as a co-op. I'm fascinated by the huge variety of onion types, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the upcoming onion season.


Bonnie Hernandez: Now in my third season here, I've truly enjoyed taking your orders and answering your questions. I'm ready for the 2013 season, and am eager to hear from you again.


Janice Carrillo: I'm new to the Dixondale family. I'm looking forward to a wonderful season with a great group of people. I'm married, with two sons and a granddaughter.


Lori Lira: I'm a wife and mother of four. This is my first season working with this great team. I look forward to serving you. Have a blessed season!


Jiovana Jaime: I'm 22, and the mother of two amazing children. I'm proud to say that Dixondale Farms has been part of my life since I was a child. My experience here has been a very fun one. There is always something new to learn about onions.


Rose Hernandez: I am a mother to an amazing 22-month-old boy and am currently expecting a precious baby girl. This will be my second season with the fabulous Dixondale team. I've learned so much about onions, and am eager to learn more. I look forward to another year of helping you.


Abigail Lira: Last year was my first here at Dixondale. I have two daughters and a grandson. I worked for the school district for 18 years. Working here has been a wonderful experience and a great learning opportunity!


We're all looking forward to hearing from you again this year!

Cooking With Onions
  • 1 large onion (3 to 3 1/2 inches wide)
  • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme or oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary    
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Parsley or paprika (optional)

Cut about 1/2-inch off top of onion; peel onion. Leaving root base intact, carefully cut onion into 12 to 16 vertical wedges. Set bloomed onion on 14 X 10-inch foil piece. Top onion with butter, thyme or oregano, rosemary, and salt and pepper to taste.


Wrap foil around seasoned bloom and pinch edges of foil together tightly. Place wrapped onion upright on pan. Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, or until tender and cooked, but "petals" still have body and stand upright. Baked, wrapped onion may be held in warm location for up to one hour before serving. If desired, sprinkle with minced parsley or paprika after unwrapping.  

This month's recipe is courtesy of the National Onion Association Web site. Please send us your favorite onion recipe, so we can share it in an upcoming newsletter. You can email it to us here. Digital photos of your dish are also welcome!
Q & A: Onion Bed Preparation

Q. Can I prepare the soil before I receive my onion plants?   


A.  Absolutely. It's a great idea to prepare in advance. Remember that
onions require full sun and good drainage, so choose a location that gets plenty of direct sun. Onions grow best on raised beds or rows at least four inches high and 20 inches wide. The soil should be loose and crumbly. If it's compacted, work in some compost to improve its aeration and drainage.

To stop weeds for up to six weeks, rake a pre-emergent herbicide, such as Treflan or corn gluten meal, into the top inch of soil before you plant. Don't worry; the herbicide won't hurt the onion plant roots.

For more information on how and when to plan your Dixondale onions, check out our online onion guides.
Fun Onion Facts

By federal law, sweet yellow onions labeled "Vidalia" can only be grown in and around the city of Vidalia, Georgia, within the entirety of thirteen counties (Appling, Bacon, Bulloch, Candler, Emanuel, Evans, Jeff Davis, Montgomery, Tattnall, Toombs, Telfair, Treutlen, and Wheeler) and parts of seven others (Dodge, Jenkins, Laurens, Long, Screven, Pierce, and Wayne). Not surprisingly, the Vidalia Onion is Georgia's state vegetable. But did you know that other parts of the world similarly protect their specialty onions, rigorously defining where they can be grown?


Onions with Protected Geographical Status in Europe include:  

  • Cebolla Fuentes de Ebro; Zaragoza, Spain
  • Cipolla Rossa di Tropea; Calabria, Italy
  • Cipollotto Nocerino; Campania, Italy
  • Oignon doux des CÚvennes; southeast France

All Your Questions Answered 


We have answers to your frequently asked questions! Just click the link for information on when to order your onions, as well as for tips on planting, caring, feeding, harvesting, and storing them.

Share Your Photos for our Centennial! 


Next year marks our one-hundredth year in business, and we'd love you to share in our upcoming Centennial Celebration! In 2013, we'll be featuring even more customer photos than usual in our newsletters and other publications. So send us photos and descriptions of your Dixondale onion crops, whether they're recent or from years ago! Just be sure to include your name and location. Send stories about your best and most challenging growing experiences, too, so we can share those with fellow growers.


Post a Review  

In addition to sending us your photos and stories, we encourage you to give us feedback on our products. You'll find a "write your own review" link on every product page. Just visit our Web site and click on the product. Don't be shy -- we value your feedback.  

About Dixondale Farms

As the largest and oldest onion plant farm in the U.S., Dixondale Farms offers a wide selection of top-quality, disease-free, ready-to-plant onion plants. To see our complete product line, request a catalog, or for growing tips and cultural information, visit our Web site


Whether you're planting one bunch or thousands of acres, we're committed to your success. We've posted answers to frequently asked questions about growing onions on our FAQ page. If you have other questions, call us from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CDT at 877-367-1015, or e-mail us any time at customerservice@dixondalefarms.com.

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Here's a great photo sent in by Lori Corwin, who lives on the South Dakota/Minnesota state line. Even with the dry conditions this year, Lori's onions did fabulously!


Be sure to check out our short videos, on topics ranging from how onion plants are harvested to how onions deal with cold weather.
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