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April 2014 / Nisan 5774

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Post-Pesach Ponderings       

Pesach - the holiday that celebrates our people's deliverance from slavery in Egypt millennia ago, the singular event that transformed us into a unique nation - is now just behind us.

Pesach, AKA Passover, is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday. That's hardly surprising: with its special foods (and dietary restrictions), emphasis on family observance (the Seder, both a ritual and educational experience, is meant to be held in the home), joyous theme, and timing (in the renewed warmth and life of Spring), it's hard to imagine a more appealing festival.
Of course, matzoh gets to be a little boring after eight days (not to mention binding), but those are the breaks.

Now we count the days - literally! - until our next festival, Shavuot, the season of our having been given our Torah. More about that next month!

As always, we welcome your submissions and your constructive input.  Let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.

In This Issue

Myles' Musings - The FJMC Mission to Southern France

The Million Candle Challenge

The Mother's Day Flower Project

FJMC Classifieds

Meet Our Officers:
Allan Kahan, Vice President
Myles Simpson
Myles' Musings:
The FJMC MIssion to Southern France

"In March, Gail and I had the pleasure of traveling to France as part of the 2014 FJMC/Masorti Olami Mission to Provence and Cotè d'Azur. The main purpose of the Mission was to build relationships with the two Masorti congregations in that part of the world, Maayane Or in Nice and Or Chalom in Aix en Provence....

"...The week-long Mission included tours of historic synagogues, an internment camp in Les Milles, and several museums featuring the works of Cezanne, Chagall, and Matisse... but the highlights of the trip were our visits to the two Masorti congregations."

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The Million Candle Challenge

Yom ha-Shoah is Monday, April 28 / 28 Nisan this year. The FJMC wants to light one million candles to help remember the victims of the Holocaust. Register your club or register as an individual and be counted!

The Mother's Day Flower Project

"This year, 45,000 women and children will spend Mother's Day in battered women's shelters. JWI sends bouquets of flowers and baskets of beauty products to 200 shelters across the U.S. each Mother's Day, offering hope and encouragement to moms and their children."
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FJMC Classifieds

If someone in your club or region has a skill which isn't being used by your Men's Club, but that person might be willing to use that skill on behalf of FJMC, here is a way to get involved.  We've posted a list of jobs which need to be filled, and who to contact to speak about volunteering. New areas of responsibility are posted weekly, so check back frequently.

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Meet Our Officers: Allan Kahan, Vice President

"Although he went to a Jewish camp and was a member of AZA, Allan didn't become actively involved in Jewish organizations immediately after college.

"In 2011, he was elected Secretary of the FJMC, and in 2013, he was elected Vice President in charge of communications both internal and external. Additionally, since 2012, he has been honored to assist Burt ("Captain Ruach") Fischman and Peter Gotlieb in Executive Committee Leadership Development training.

"In his civilian life, Allan's a program analyst with the Transportation Security Administration, doing database analysis; and he practices law part-time.  At home he's a creative cook, works with stained glass and mosaic when time allows, is a part-time genealogist, and has become proficient at desktop publishing and design."

Have something of interest to your fellow Men's Clubs?  Send it to HaShofar!  


HaShofar is another way that FJMC is keeping the flow of information moving between clubs and the international organization.  We want to keep you informed on:


     + What we do to support our 20,000 members

     + What FJMC does to address Conservative/Masorti issues

     + What our Clubs and Regions are doing that everyone can benefit from


The only way we can let everyone else know what's happening is if we hear from you first!  Send your submissions to HaShofar editor Steve Krodman at steve.elisson@gmail.com and we'll do our best to squeeze them in.


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