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March 2014 / Adar II 5774

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Adar Fools!      

Our secular calendar includes a day - April 1 - that is typically devoted to foolishness and trickery. As Jews, however, we celebrate the ridiculous for a full month!

That, of course, would be Adar - the month that brings the festive post-biblical holiday of Purim, celebrating our people's delivery from an evil Persian courtier's extermination plot. Purim plays, Purim carnivals, costumery, silliness, and maybe a bit to drink... it's all part of the fun. (They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat!)

Even though Purim is over, there's still two weeks of Adar silliness left... and we can begin our preparations for Pesach, the season of our liberation, the festival that commemorates the singular event that forged our identity as a Jewish nation. 

There's still time to register your club's Men's Club Shabbat program on the FJMC website. Stand up and be counted!

As always, we welcome your submissions and your constructive input.  Let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.

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Myles' Musings - Strategic Alliances

Men's Club Shabbat:
Frequently Asked Questions

What Could Synagogues Look Like in Five Years?

FJMC Classifieds

Meet Our Officers:
Gary Smith, Vice President
Myles Simpson
Myles' Musings:
Strategic Alliances

"FJMC and MRJ (Movement for Reform Judaism) clearly have a lot in common.  Our organizations are both dedicated to engaging the men in our respective congregations in Jewish life by strengthening our respective men's groups through leadership and programming. The men's groups operate in a very similar manner in both organizations...

"...Given that all Jewish denominations are facing reduced affiliation, with the challenges of intermarriage and of attracting the next generation of Jews, it just makes sense for us to collaborate and leverage our mutual strengths for the benefit of both organizations."

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Men's Club Shabbat:
Frequently Asked Questions

Men's Club Shabbat is an opportunity for Men's Club members to lead Shabbat services, engage club members as leaders, and expand their comfort level by asking them to do something they have not done before - like reading Torah or leading a Hebrew reading. It's a great way to showcase your Club in front of your Congregation.

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What Could Synagogues Look Like in Five Years?

Assuming that Conservative/Masorti congregations respond positively to the demographic challenges posed by intermarriage, several issues will need to be addressed. Rabbi Charles Simon (FJMC) and Rabbi Kerry Olitzky (Big Tent Judaism/Jewish Outreach Institute) share their thoughts on the potential impact of Keruv.  


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FJMC Classifieds

If someone in your club or region has a skill which isn't being used by your Men's Club, but that person might be willing to use that skill on behalf of FJMC, here is a way to get involved.  We've posted a list of jobs which need to be filled, and who to contact to speak about volunteering. New areas of responsibility are posted weekly, so check back frequently.

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Meet Our Officers: Gary Smith Vice President

Husband, dad, financial wizard, and Animal Doctor, Gary Smith has an extreme passion for everything he does. His motto: "The best way to create value for yourself is creating value for others."

Have something of interest to your fellow Men's Clubs?  Send it to HaShofar!  


HaShofar is another way that FJMC is keeping the flow of information moving between clubs and the international organization.  We want to keep you informed on:


     + What we do to support our 20,000 members

     + What FJMC does to address Conservative/Masorti issues

     + What our Clubs and Regions are doing that everyone can benefit from


The only way we can let everyone else know what's happening is if we hear from you first!  Send your submissions to HaShofar editor Steve Krodman at steve.elisson@gmail.com and we'll do our best to squeeze them in.


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