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December 2013 / Tevet 5774

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Merry Tevet!    

Tevet is a month that can't seem to make up its mind. It begins in the middle of the festivities of Chanukah... and then, the tenth day of the month is a minor fast day - the appropriately named Asarah b'Tevet - which commemorates the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. That siege, alas, led to the fall of the First Temple and the conquest of Judah. Funny thing, though... we Jews are still here, and Babylonians are pretty thin on the ground these days.

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In This Issue

Myles' Musings - It's All About Intermarriage

We're Looking for a Few Good Men... with Computer Smarts

iGive: Shop Online and Benefit FJMC

The FJMC Membership Campaign  

Men's Club Shabbat:
Greet the Shabbat Bride with Fresh-Baked Challah

World Wide Wrap

Meet Our Officers:
Ed Margolis, Vice President
Myles Simpson
Myles' Musings:
It's All About Intermarriage

"The data... show that Jews born into an intermarried family are a significant and growing proportion of the Jewish population. We must not ignore them or make them feel unwelcomed in our religious communities!"

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We're Looking for a Few Good Men...
with Computer Smarts

If you know the difference between RuPaul and Drupal, have we got a job for you....

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iGive: Shop Online and Benefit FJMC

Join iGive and the money you spend doing your online shopping can benefit the FJMC!

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The FJMC Membership Campaign

"FJMC launched a Membership Campaign at our 2013 Convention, with the goal of having every club increase its membership during the next fiscal year. We encourage you to set ambitious but achievable goals... and to help you reach these goals we're providing newly-developed marketing and training tools, including a trifold brochure and a 3-minute video."

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Men's Club Shabbat: Greet the Sabbath Bride
with Fresh-Baked Challah

What better way to celebrate Men's Club Shabbat than with a couple of loaves of your own fresh-baked challah? It's easy - here's how!

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Read the Men's Club Shabbat FAQ's

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World Wide Wrap

"The World Wide Wrap is a signature program of FJMC focusing on a unique ritual imbued with story and metaphor that spans ages and generations. We bind up, we engage, we use our whole bodies, we share ourselves as symbols for others while we involve ourselves in very personal and soul searching moments..."

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Ed Margolis
Meet Our Officers: Ed Margolis, Vice President

" 'I learn from everyone I meet,' says Ed Margolis, FJMC Vice President - and given his gregarious nature, that means he must be learning a whole lot from a whole bunch of people.

Anyone who attended the past two FJMC International Conventions - Costa Mesa, CA in 2011 and Danvers, MA in 2013 - already is familiar with Ed, who served as co-chairman of the former and chairman of the latter. He was a big part of making both events so successful..." 

 Heneni!  Will you answer the call and say:  "Here I am"?
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LTC Global: Our Sponsor
LTC Global, a leader in providing Long Term Care solutions from a wide variety of companies, is FJMC's latest sponsor.  Click here to learn more about how LTC Global can help you and FJMC at the same time.

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