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November 2013 / Kislev 5774

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Coming This Month: Thanksgivukah   

This month brings us the first time the first day of Chanukah has coincided with Thanksgiving in... well, it's been a loooong time. And it will be a loooong time before it happens again. Will your Men's Club be doing anything special to celebrate the conjunction of these two beloved holidays - one American, one Jewish? Tell us about it... we will be happy to post a few photos, too!

As always, we welcome your submissions and your constructive input.  Let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.

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iGive: Shop Online and Benefit FJMC

FJMC Tefillin Giveaway Winners

They Call Him Captain Ruach

Men's Club Shabbat

The Million Candle Challenge

Meet Our Officers:
Mark Druy, Vice President
iGive: Shop Online and Benefit FJMC

Join iGive and the money you spend doing your online shopping can benefit the FJMC.  And a $5 new member bonus (in addition to the normal donation amount) goes to FJMC when you sign up and make a purchase by November 12, 2013.

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FJMC Tefillin Giveaway Winners

The World Wide Wrap team conducted a tefillin giveaway contest this past summer, using several sets made available by the FJMC. The purpose of the contest was to reward those clubs with the best and most creative ideas for using gift sets of tefillin to enhance their World Wide Wrap programs by improving attendance, participation, and effectiveness.
They Call Him Captain Ruach

"They call him Captain Ruach.


"And there is certainly enough ruach - spirit - in Burton L. Fischman to fill a room and more.


"In fact, Fischman has been packing rooms for most of his life, whether it's telling jokes as a teen at Borscht Belt hotels, teaching classes in communication, giving the opening prayer at Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs conventions or talking to seniors about improving their memories..."


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Men's Club Shabbat

Men's Club Shabbat is a great opportunity for Men's Club members to showcase their davening and sermonizing talents by leading Shabbat services. For some clubsShabbat Soy Candles 05 it is held during the Friday night service; with others on Saturday morning; with still others it's both. There are also Men's Clubs that expand their Men's Club Shabbat observance to include a program on Sunday morning, while others create an entire Men's Club Week as a means of showcasing all that their club does.  What is your club  doing?

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Register your Men's Club for Men's Club Shabbat 2014

The Million Candle Challenge

The FJMC is determined to keep alive the memory of the Six Million who perished in the Holocaust by lighting one candle for each victim. Join the Million Candle Challenge!
Meet Our Officers: Mark Druy, Vice President

"You could call Mark a bit of a Renaissance Man.  He's an accomplished downhill skier and an avid bicyclist. In particular, he enjoys riding his bike for numerous charities including Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters and the New England Region Tour de Shuls ride (of which he is a co-chair), the latter supporting the Tikvah program at New England's Camp Ramah. And as if that were not enough..."
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