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September 2013 / Tishrei 5774

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Shanah Tovah u-Metukah! G'mar Tov! 

A happy and sweet New Year to you, your family and friends, and your fellow Men's Club members!  Welcome to the new HaShofar, the monthly e-blast from FJMC.  We've redesigned HaShofar to be easier on the eye and on the fingertips, so you can find articles and information of interest quickly.

We welcome your submissions - please see the note at the bottom of this e-mail - and your constructive input.  Let us know how best to serve your needs and those of your Club.  And just as we hope that you are inscribed and sealed for a good year in 5774, we hope you enjoy what we've inscribed in the new HaShofar!
In This Issue

Convention 2013: A Retrospective

Jewish Men at the Crossroads

Myles' Musings: Presidential Blog

Shabbat Has Kept the Jews

The FJMC Membership Campaign

Meet Our Officers:
Myles Simpson, International President
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Convention 2013: A Retrospective

"This year's Convention set a new record for attendance, but it was not just numbers that made it exceptional."

Jewish Men at the Crossroads

Read about FJMC's latest publication on the challenges facing Jewish men.  A brief excerpt...

"My grandfather would not have understood the challenges that Jewish men face today. Dual career families, single parent families, intermarried and multiracial families were not part of his world view. Neither was being a stay-at-home dad, or accepting the fact that an increasing number of men were choosing not to marry or partner.

"The role that Jewish men play in Jewish life has changed in the past century. It's up to us to ensure that while it continues to evolve, it continues to engage the men of our community."
Myles' Musings: Presidential Blog

Would you like a direct line to the President, to ask him a question or raise an issue with him?  Check out Myles' Musings, our newest channel of communication between FJMC's leadership and our club members... and don't be bashful about leaving your comments!  
Shabbat Has Kept the Jews

From the latest issue of CJ Magazine, we are pleased to present an article about a new FJMC initiative currently in development.

"For younger adults in particular, the impact of Shabbat dinners can be substantial and life changing...  Shabbat dinner requires hardly any additional time yet it can bring meaning, value, beauty, spirituality, intimacy, and fun to their families' lives."

The FJMC Membership Campaign

"FJMC launched a Membership Campaign at our 2013 Convention, with the goal of having every club increase its membership during the next fiscal year. We encourage you to set ambitious but achievable goals... and to help you reach these goals we're providing newly-developed marketing and training tools, including a trifold brochure and a 3-minute video."

Meet Our Officers: Myles Simpson, International President

"Myles Simpson, incoming International President of the FJMC, has held numerous leadership positions at the club, Regional, and International levels before acceding to his current office. He has served as president of the Temple Etz Chaim Men's Club in Thousand Oaks, CA, as well as president of the FJMC Western Region, chairman of the Shoah Yellow Candle Program, and chairman of the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life."


   When you hear the call, will you answer "Here I am!"?

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LTC Global: Our Sponsor
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Would you like your business featured by FJMC?  Are our members your potential customers? Click here to inquire about our sponsorship opportunities!    


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