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September 2009
Welcome to the second issue of "News Doctor".  Every month we will be sending you some generic articles that would be suitable for reprinting in your congregational newsletter.  But you will need to "doctor them up" a bit to include local contact information, dates, and other locally important information.  You may want to add or delete entire sentences, and you might not want to use the articles at all.   And because you will "doctor up" the article, we're calling this service the "News Doctor."  
            This month our articles pertain to two programs featured at the recent FJMC convention this past summer. The first deals with the "Mitzvah Yomit", or daily mitzvah, a program initially conceived of by Women's League and which FJMC is now also embracing.  The second article deals with the FJMC Men's Wellness Initiative which deals with improving the health of the men in our congregations.

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