TTouch for You and your Dog: January 24 - 29, 2016
TTouch for You and your Horse: February 21 - 27, 2016 

Give yourself or someone else a wonderful New Year's gift !!!
(Special discounts if you register early or with a friend)

Your choice of two workshops
with Linda i
n Hawaii.

And swim with wild dolphins during a
SunLight On Water boat trip!

More about the SunLight on Water Boat Trip

Visit SunLight on the Water and enjoy dolphin and whale images.

Roland and I have led three TTouch groups each year for the
past 10 years on the boat Sunlight On Water with Captain China. Captain China is Hawaiian and begins the trip with a Hawaiian prayer honoring the four directions. The focus is swimming with wild dolphins and he puts us in the water at least three times.

For non-snorkelers Roland is offering snorkeling lessons at our pool before the excursion so you will be comfortable in the water. On the boat is a person trained to help inexperienced snorkelers. Pool noodles and life jackets are available and recommended for less experienced snorkelers.

Whale-watching is also on the agenda and we have had many phenomenal encounters. Two years ago Roland was on national TV standing on the prow of the boat with his hand within a foot of a whale who stood on her head with her tail almost touching Roland's hand. This whale, known as Juanita to Captain China, had been entertaining us for 10 minutes, swimming back and forth under the boat and connecting with us. This is a very comfortable boat with easy in/out access to the water.

The trip is from 8:00am until noon. We meet at 7:30am to fit fins and masks.

Shortie wetsuits are available on request and we need to call in the sizes the night before. There is no charge for equipment. They also provide canned juice and tea, coffee, muffins, oranges and pineapple chunks, and chips.

TTouch for You and Your Dog

January 24 - 29, 2016

Experience the joy of putting your heart in your hands and your hands on your dog with a method that approaches learning and performance with joy. Tellington TTouch Training enhances behavior, performance and health and deepens the relationship between dogs and their people.

Download Workshop Logistics or to register, please visit, call 800-854-8326, or email

TTouch for You and Your Horse

February 21 - 27, 2015

Join Linda for an inspiring experience with the Tellington Method. The Ultimate Horse Training & Behavior Method offers an enlightened approach for the body, mind and spirit of horses and their people. Tellington TTouch deepens trust and give you new steps for dancing with your horse.

Download Workshop Logistics or to register, please visit, call 800-854-8326, or email

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To register for Tellington TTouch Trainings in Hawaii, call our office at 800-854-8326, or email

Please feel free to Download Workshop Logistics for TTouch for You and Your Dog and for TTouch for You and Your Horse.

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Enjoy Linda and Roland's hospitality at their home during both the workshops.