June 2012 

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The first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day for anyone living with a history of cancer to connect with other survivors, celebrate milestones, and recognize the healthcare providers, family, and friends who have supported them along the way. Read on to learn more. 

National Cancer Survivors Day is June 3     

"Some people still think of cancer as a death sentence," says National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation spokesperson, Laura Shipp. "But the fact is that more than 12 million cancer survivors are living - and thriving - in the United States today. National Cancer Survivors Day is an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate that there is life after cancer. Some even find that life is more rewarding after facing cancer."


To help celebrate this special day, the St. Francis Survivorship Program has compiled some inspirational stories about cancer survivors - some from right here in the Upstate - to encourage and motivate our neighbors who have lived through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Hear the survivor stories from some of the Upstate's own survivors - and St. Francis Survivorship Program participants. Watch their stories >>   


How a twist of fate (with some help from twitter) led a survivor into a private game of catch with a Colorado Rockies pitcher the day he was given a clean bill of health. Read his story >>   


How one survivor decided to move on from her cancer journey and leave the reminders in the past. Read her story >> 


From being given two weeks to live to climbing Everest - one survivor's incredible story. Read it >>  


Words of wisdom from a 12-year-old survivor: "If you've been close to death, you understand life more." Read more >>   


Want more? Like National Cancer Survivors Day on Facebook  and follow them on twitter. Also check out Coping Magazine for more cancer information and inspiration.


Brighten a Survivor's Day

You're not a cancer survivor, but you want to help one. Here are some ideas and inspirations to make someone's day:


Be a "chalk fairy" and decorate a survivor's driveway 


Ready for a new hairstyle? Consider donating your hair to Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths programs that make wigs for cancer patients.   


Brighten a day with a joke - or a website full of them  


A cancer survivor shares the five things others did for her that really helped (saying "let me know if there is anything I can do" is not one of them)   


Tips from the American Cancer Society about how to help a friend going through cancer



We salute the thousands of cancer patients that we have been privileged to care for over the years. Your courage, strength and tenacity are inspiration to us all to keep improving our program to make things better for future patients. We wish you all good health and happiness.


Message of Hope

"Never in my life at the age of 46 would I have ever believed I would be diagnosed with Leukemia. I know with the help of my doctors, nurses and especially God my father, I have changed for the better through all of this."


Sandra Heminger

Leukemia Survivor