March 2012 

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We hear all the time that we need to exercise. In our daily lives, it seems there is never enough time to fit it in. And when battling a cancer diagnosis? The odds seem to be stacked even more against us. Who has the energy? The motivation? 
Looking for Motivation?  
If you're looking for some motivation, you're in luck. Since March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, we combed some prestigious research journals to see if there were any articles related to how physical activity can help with colorectal cancer recovery. What we found was astounding:

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine reports: "Evidence suggests physical activity is associated with reduced rates of mortality, improved immune function, improved health-related quality of life, decreased fatigue, improved fitness, maintenance of healthy weight and bone density, improved physical and psychological indicators of well-being, and that physical activity programs can foster social support and feelings of connectedness. This review establishes that physical activity may reduce the various adverse side effects associated with cancer treatments and improve cancer survivors' physical, psychological and social quality of life facets. Encouraging physical activity is the first step in helping cancer survivors experience long-term health and well-being."


Dr. Jeffrey Meyerhardt of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute of Boston submitted to the Journal of Clinical Oncology: "Regular exercise more than doubles the length of disease-free survival in patients treated for advanced colon cancer. In addition, patients who continue to exercise regularly or start being active after diagnosis of colorectal cancer can improve rates of cancer-specific and overall mortality."


"Physical activity is associated with reduced or delayed recurrence of colorectal cancer even in patients treated for stage III metastic disease. The investigators found that the most active patients had significantly greater disease-free survival."


The study goes on to say: "Women who were physically active after the diagnosis of non-metastic colorectal cancer experienced significantly decreased risk of cancer-specific death as well as death from any cause. Interestingly, level of activity before diagnosis did not influence cancer-specific or overall survival. Colorectal cancer patients who increased their activity from their levels before diagnosis had an approximately 50% reduction in both colorectal cancer-specific and all-cause mortality." 


The best news is that while we looked specifically for colorectal cancer information, all types of cancer can see benefits like these.


So where to start? The St. Francis Survivorship Program. The specially-trained staff in our program begins with you at the level of fitness you are right now and creates a specific plan to get you active and fit. Even better, our program is not just about physical activity. Our participants have access to nutrition counseling, community resources, and occupational therapists who can share tips for conserving your energy as you recover.


We don't want to be your personal trainers. We want to be your partners for this journey of survivorship. To learn more about our program, call our navigator Ann at 864-675-4656, or visit us online.  



Message of Hope

"I worked for Bon Secours for thirty years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. I was shocked, scared, and didn't know where to turn. I went to my supervisor Lori McKitrick. She took me under her wings and made life easier for me. She talked to me and gave me strength, told me you can beat this and took me to the doctors. Without my St. Francis family, I don't know how I could have made it through."

"God and having Faith. Because with God in our lives we can make it"

Joy Carter  
Breast Cancer Survivor