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October 2011

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SSR Porsche Wheels and Tires 
SSR Porsche Rim
Set of 4  Porsche Rims and Tires
Staggered 18" SSR Porsche Forged Semi Solid Racing Wheels with Tires - $2,500

These wheels and winter tires are in mint condition! They fit Porsche 911 as well as Porsche CaymanPorsche center caps included!

Model: SSR GT-10

Size: 18x8 (front) and 18x10 (rear)

Offset: LO+49 (front) and LO+62 (rear)

Winter Tires Included: Michelin Pilot Alpin (Excellent Tread) 235/40 R18 91V and 265/40 R18 101V 


This set was purchase new 1 year ago for $4200 - for sale for a fraction of the original cost!  Sale Price: $2,500


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Wheel and Tire Set - $750 
Aftermarket Set
Set of After Market Wheels with Winter Tires


Finsh: Powder Coat (Mint Condition!)

Winter Tires Included: Bridgestone Blizzak LM-22 Studless 205/50 R17 93H (used but have really good tread, practically new)

Offset: ET 40

Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Sale Price: $750 


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Our Services

Call 847-433-1900 for details


*Rim Refinishing                 

*Rim Straightening               

*Powder Coating

*Rim Welding

*Rim Re-Coloring  

*Caliper Painting

*Rim Replacement  

*After Market Rims  

*OEM Rims 

*Rotation and Balancing 

*Precision Wheel Balancing   *Nitrogen Tire Fill 


*Dismout, Mount & Balance 

*Wheel Storage


Thank you for choosing Wheel-Tech!  We appreciate your business and we hope that you find the information in the October edition of the Monthly Wheel helpful and enjoyable!  


Stop by the shop this month to save 10% on having your wheels powder coated! Scroll down for coupon.  Wheel-Tech Logo 


Best Regards,


Ryan Cunniff





Powder Coating 

Available at Wheel-Tech    

Powder Coat Red
OZ Racing Wheels Custom Powder Coated in Red


Wheel-Tech offers powder coating - a durable and high performance painting technique.  You can choose from a wide variety of colors while achieving a strong resistance to chemicals, abrasion and corrosion.   


If you are curious about having your wheels powder coated please give us a call 847-433-1900, stop by our shop with the wheels or send us a picture to our email: [email protected]  Besides powder coating wheels, we also take on individual powder coating projects.  Contact us for more information. 



Powder Coating Video
Powder Coating
Powder Coating a Bentley Wheel

This video demonstrates how Wheel-Tech properly preps a Chrome Wheel for Gloss Black Powder Coating. The video begins with a look at a Bentley Wheel that a customer has brought in. The Wheel has been previously painted Black Gloss and is peeling because of a poor prep job. This video shows before and after examples of many processes that Wheel-tech uses to create a such beautiful finishes.


Wheel Options Article

Looking to get new rims for your car?  There are many options depending on what you are looking for.


Rims fall into two main categories; original equipment manufactured (OEM) and aftermarket wheels.  OEM wheels are the wheels that were specifically made for the car; they meet the quality standards of the manufacturer and therefore are the best option.  Both are available new, used, or reconditioned to a like new state.


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Thank you for your continual interest in the Monthly Wheel!  We welcome and appreciate all suggestions and feedback.


Best Regards,


Ryan Cunniff




Save 10%  on Powder Coating a Set of 4 Wheels!



Come into Wheel-Tech this month to have your wheels Powder coatedMention receiving the October Edition of our News Letter to received the 10% discount from the total price of having a set of wheels powdercoated. 

Offer Expires: October 31, 2011