Volume IV

June 2011
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Color of the Month 

painted in a custom orange

Choose a Custom Color! 

Wheel-Tech not only stocks a wide variety of colors, but has access to any custom color you might be looking for.  Stop by our shop to discuss the different re-coloring options for your wheels!

Chrome Care

How to prolong the life of your CHROME   

* clean often with mild soap and water and wipe dry  (once a week in winter less often in summer)  


* make sure your wheels are free of brake dust and road grime by also cleaning the back of the wheel every few months


* rub wheel polish and buff to bring out the original shine


* you may want to apply a think layer of wax over the face to make future cleaning easier and to create a barrier between the face of the rim and harmful chemicals and salts


* switch out and store chrome rims over the winter months when chemical and salt use on roads is high


Our Services

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*Rim Refinishing                 

*Rim Straightening              *Powder Coating

*Rim Welding
*Rim Re-Coloring  

*Caliper Painting

*Rim Replacement  
*After Market Rims  

*OEM Rims 

*Rotation and Balancing 

*Precision Wheel Balancing   *Nitrogen Tire Fill 

*Polishing                            *Dismout, Mount & Balance 

*Wheel Storage

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Thank you for choosing Wheel-Tech.  We appreciate your business and hope that you find the information in the June Chrome edition helpful and enjoyable!  


Stop by the shop this month to save 10% on refinishing your wheels! Scroll down for coupon. 


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Ryan Cunniff





New After Market Choices 

Now Available Through Wheel-Tech


Due to popular demand, Wheel-Tech now offers a selection of high-quality Chrome wheels (other finishes also available). The price varies depending on the style, manufacturer, and size.  Below are a few popular yet affordable options.  Contact us today to find the right rim for your car.

Verde Chrome RimRuff Racing RimPDK RimPDK Rim
powder coat
Powder Coat Over Chrome

Wide selection of colors available

powder coat
If your chrome rims are in the first stages of deterioration (pitting visible) and not yet peeling, Wheel-Tech could be able to help!  Bring your wheels in to the shop and we'll let you know if they are good candidates for powder coating. 


Deteriorating Chrome Rims

Can they be fixed?

peeling chrome
Because chrome rims are plated rather than painted, the process to restore damaged chrome is lengthy and expansive.  It produces toxic wastes and is heavily regulated by the EPA.  Due to the environmental hazards, re-plating isn't done locally.  Even after stripping the old chrome and re-plating with new, the wheel may not look great.

To read our full Knol article click the link: Deteriorating Chrome Rims: Can They Be Fixed?
Thank you for your continual interest in the Monthly Wheel!  We welcome and appreciate all suggestions and feedback.


Ryan Cunniff


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volvo rim

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