Volume III

May 2011
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Nitrogen Fill
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Featured Color

Powder Coat Satin Black
Powder Coat in Satin Black
Wheel-Tech offers powder coating - a durable and high performance painting technique.  You can choose from a wide variety of colors while achieving a strong resistance to chemicals, abrasion and corrosion.

Our Standard Colors:
  • Aluminum Basecoat
  • Chrome Basecoat
  • Black Chrome
  • Black Gloss
  • Black Satin
  • Black Flat
  • White Gloss
Plus a wide variety of custom powders available for order at an extra cost.



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Thank you for choosing Wheel-Tech.  We appreciate your buisness and hope that you will find the information in our monthly news letter helpful and enjoyable!  


Stop by our shop this month to take advantage of a discount on Tire Nitrogen Fill.  Scroll down for the coupon!


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Ryan Cunniff





Nitrogen Tire Inflation
Nitro Fill Image
Maintain better tire pressure retention using Nitrogen; diffusion is 30 to 40 percent slower than with oxygen. 


Here are a few benefits of using Nitrogen:

  • Maintaining tire pressure can boost fuel economy by as much as 6 percent.
  • Longer tread life.  
  • Slower chemical aging of the tire's rubber components. This leads to fewer catastrophic failures like blowouts and lengthens tire core life. 
Nitrogen Image
TPMS Friend or Foe?
Problems arise when the TPMS ImageTPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) corrodes and becomes susceptible to cracking.  Replacing a TPMS at the dealer can be an unexpected expense, especially if you need all four replaced.  We can save you money by either repairing (some can be salvaged) or getting you a better deal on a new TPMS. This can be done while dismounting and mounting the tire as well as balancing your wheel.   For the future, to help prevent corrosion and to preserve the life of your TPMS, always keep moisture out by keeping a plastic cap (with a moisture sealing gasket inside) on the valve stem.

PDK Rims

Now Available Through Wheel-Tech

Got a peeling chrome problem?  Need to get new rims?  The PDK brand offers a wide selection of hip after market rims that won't break your bank.  Let us know what you're looking for and we'll find the right rim for your car.  Check out the PDK Portfolio at www.pdkwheels.com or stop by our shop to browse the catalog!
Thank you for your continual interest in the Monthly Wheel!  We welcome and appreciate all suggestions and feedback.


Ryan Cunniff
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Come into Wheel-Tech this month and receive a $10 discount on Nitrogen Tire Inflation on a set of four wheels regularly priced at $50 per set.  All you have to do is mention receiving our newsletter!
Offer Expires: May 31, 2011