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Orlando in August 

Water Park Paradise
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It's hot, hot, hot EVERYWHERE, and here in Orlando our amazing water parks elevate swimming and water fun to new levels.  Why just "swim" when you can play with dolphins, go down water slides that are surrounded by snow-capped vistas, frolic in some of the biggest wave pools anywhere and climb to the top of water slides that seem to reach into the sky?  You can do it ALL while keeping your cool in Central Florida.  Read about some of these amazing options below:
Aquatica Dolphin Plunge
Aquatica Dolphin Plunge

SeaWorld's Aquatica is Filled with Water Thrills, Wonder & Adventure


Imagine a white sandy beach right in the middle of Orlando.  Imagine gliding through a tube and watching black and white Commerson's dolphins watching YOU.  Imagine floating around on a balmy day and watching the scenery drift by.  You don't have to imagine this any longer.  At SeaWorld's Aquatica you can experience all this and much more!


Plan to arrive early in the day to secure your very own spot on a white sandy beach.  Take your entire family on the "Hoo Roo", a raft ride that rushes down six stories and 600 feet of thrill enducing curves and tunnels.  Life guards will yell "Hoo Roo" and families are encouraged to yell "Hoo Roo" back before they are sent plummeting down the slide.  That "battle cry" may just help you forget what lies ahead.   You also won't want to miss the "Walhalia Wave." It's a triple-drop raft ride where riders can experience a sense of weightlessness as they raft down a 6-story, triple drop slide. 


For those seeking a gentler pace, the lazy river carries guests around and splits into a "Y".  One way takes guests past a grotto filled with thousands of colorful fish and another through a spectacular underwater view of the Commerson dolphin's habitat.


During your day at Aquatica, enjoy sampling from the assortment of eateries, restaurants and buffets. There's fun, excitement and wonder for guests of ALL ages and you will definitely want to return often.


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Blizzard Beach
Blizzard Beach

Disney's Blizzard Beach
Disney's Blizzard Beach will cool you off even in the middle of the hottest summer ever!  Experience a diverse flurry of attractions including thrill rides, family style raft rides, special areas for the little squirts in your life and lots of very cool relaxing areas for grownups. 


Race on Toboggan Races, float down Cross Country Creek and plunge down slides in raft rides.  You can make special memories as you explore the Tyke's Peak Children's Play area with your little ones.  You will not want to miss the giagantic one-acre wave pool and bravely slide down one of the tallest and fastest water slides in the country -- The Summit Plummet!  Imagine the expressions on the faces of your friends back home when you tell them you experienced a blizzard in the middle of Orlando! 


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Discovery Cove Dolphins

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove 

Can dolphins really communicate with humans?  That's a belief that scientists have shared for quite some time.  Many swimmers over the ages swear that they have been rescued by these very intelligent creatures.  After participating in the "Dolphin Experience" you just may also believe that dolphins are some of the smartest animals in the world. 


Spend a day you and your family will remember forever!  Snorkel with thousands of stingrays and tropical fish.  Hand feed colorful exotic birds in a free flight aviary.  Relax and unwind from the outside world, surrounded by beauty in this tropical paradise.  Commune with nature and satisfy your appetite with a delicious continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and thirst-quenching drinks. 


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Wet 'n Wild
Wet 'n Wild

Wet 'n Wild 


Wet 'n Wild is an awesome water park, packed full of fun and adventure for every member of the family and it's on International Drive, right in Vista Cay's neighborhood. 


Enjoy your second childhood through the eyes and wonder of your kids and grandchildren.  There's a special kids park for kids under 48" tall with kid-size rides.  They can splash in shallow pools while grownups supervise nearby.  Every few minutes a huge bucket at the top of the slides fill with water and tips over into a waterfall that delights the young and not-so-young alike.  


For the older adventurer, there's the Wave Pool Surf Lagoon where 4' waves continually roll across a huge 17,000 square foot pool.  Everyone can take a relaxing float through Florida's picturesque past with replicas of old boat docks, billboards and picture-perfect waterfalls on the Lazy River. 


Take part in a sand volleyball game and kick back and have a drink or three at the Wild Tiki Lounge.  A great time will be had by all.    


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Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon 


Disney's Typhoon Lagoon features attractions for the entire family!  Slide down one of 9 awesome and diverse water slides, catch a huge wave in the surf pool, drift down Castaway Creek as you watch the beautiful scenery and relax in a tube and brave Shark Reef, where the most fearless among you can snorkel with real sharks amid schools of colorful tropical fish. 


The youngest members of the family can ignite their imagination in the special children's play area, that is filled with attractions that are "just their size."


Enjoy the day in this picturesque setting and forget about the outside world while you make memories to last a lifetime. 


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While the rest of the country is baking in the August sun, visitors to Orlando can cool off in comfort as they sample some of the most exciting water parks anywhere.  Bring lots of sunscreen and make memories that you and your family will treasure forever!




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