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Shortridge H.S. Alumni Association NewsBriefs - 01/2011

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Shortridge H.S Alumni Association
Founding Members Legacy Guild 

The Founding Members Legacy Guild continues to grow as a fundraising source for the Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund. Donations for the Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund are welcome in any amount at any time; however, Founding Members Legacy Guild has multiple purposes: Strengthen the scholarship endowment, grow SAA membership, and recognize alumni generosity who wish to support future graduates from Shortridge.
The fund drive continues until December 31, 2012, prior to the first graduating class in 2013. Founding Members' participation requires a minimum $500 or greater donation to the scholarship fund.

Please make your check payable to: Shortridge Legacy Scholarship Fund (Founding Members Guild on the memo line); mail c/o 5030 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254. With donors' permission, their names will be recognized on our website and future newsletters. 

Join our growing list of Founding Members: (as of 1/8/2011)

Dr. Beurt SerVaas, 1937
Dr. Robert W. Harger, 1938
Martha "Marta" (Cantwell) Meeker, 1939* 
Ann (Cantwell) Penrose, 1941
Dr. Raymond Martin Johnson, 1950
Lynn (Bolles) Boatman,1958
William M. Boatman, 1958
Robert H. Butler, 1958*
Paula (Distelhorst) Eidel, 1958*
Linda (Henderson) Gassett, 1958
Kaaren O. (Burke) Rodman, 1959
William A. Lawrence, 1965*
Jon Nygaard, 1966
Dr. Woodrow A. Myers, Jr., 1970
Timothy T. McDowell, II, 1971
Mary Ann (Bruce) Denton, 1972
Carol (Morgan) Gog, 1973

*Newest members
SAA Memberships & Renewals -- Membership Renewal Reminders Mailed

Join or renew. Your membership dues provide the operating funds for the alumni association. If you received a reminder recently,  please renew your membership today. Check your member card for the expiration date. Paid member dues are required for full access to the website.
  • One-year Membership: $35 annual fee
  • Five-year membership (Founding Member's Legacy Guild) (see Feature Article)
  • Make your check payable to: Shortridge Alumni Association; mail c/o 5030 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254, or pay your dues online at our website via PayPal option.

    For more membership information, visit our website: SHSAA Website or send email: SHSAA Email
News from the Shortridge Athletic Department - 2011

Stephen Papesh, Athletic Director, provides the remaining schedule for the boys' and girls' basketball season. (V-varsity; JV-junior varsity; SMHS - Shortridge Magnet High School, 3401 N. Meridian St.)

1/13 Boy's V vs. Irvington Prep, 6p - SMHS

1/19 Girl's JV and V vs. John Marshall, 6p - SMHS

1/26 Boy's & Girl's V vs. Tindley Academy, Girls (6p); Boys (7:30) - SMHS

1/29 Boy's & Girl's V vs. International School, Boys (11a; Girls (1p) - SMHS

2/01 Boy's & Girl's V at Baptist Academy (Girls (6p); Boys (7:30p)

2/03 Girl's V vs. Fall Creek Academy, 6:30p - SMHS

2/05 Girl's & Boy's V vs. Baptist, Girls (11a); Boys (1p) - SMHS

2/08 Boy's JV & V vs. Indianapolis Metropolitan, 6p - SMHS

2/10 Boy's JV & V vs. Liberty Christian, 6p - SMHS

2/15 Boy's JV & V vs. Indiana School for the Deaf, 6p - SMHS

2/19 Boy's JV & V at Attucks Magnet, 6p

2/24 Boy's JV & V vs. Greenwood Christian, 6p - SMHS

The students would like to invite any Shortridge alumnus to come watch a basketball game at the school. T-shirts are still available for purchase from the gymnasium rededication.


Alumni Reflections & Memories  
In future issues of NewsBriefs, we will be highlighting unique life stories, quips, or other tidbits from our alumni. As unique high school memories, experiences and adventures come to our attention,  we would like to share with other Shortridge alumni. We hope you enjoy these stories and encourage our Shortridge alums to participate. Send any fond high school memory or unique life experience story to SHSAA email. Also, we would like current information to share  regarding special events happening NOW for the students at the "new" Shortridge.
REMINDER: Class of 1961 -- 50-year reunion; combined choirs reunion --- June 2011

The Class of 1961 reunion organizers are busy making plans to celebrate their 50-year reunion the last weekend of June 2011. Co-chair persons Doug Perry and Judith (Gerdts) Ripley ask that class members SAVE THE DATES (June 24-26, 2011) for a fun-filled weekend celebration. Here's the tentative itinerary:

Friday, June 24, 2011 -- Reception, Columbia Club
Saturday, June 25, 2011 -- Dinner Program, Indiana Historical Society
Sunday, June 26, 2011 -- Brunch, White River Yacht Club

Along with this celebration, the Shortridge High School (combined) Choir plan their reunion and to perform for honored guests Don Neuen and Marilyn Copeland Davidson.

Choir Program Itinerary:
Friday, June 24, 2011 -- Mass choir rehearsal
(Time and Location TBA, if enough interest)
Saturday, June 25 (daytime) -- Mass choir rehearsal
(Time and Location TBA)
Saturday, June 25, 2011 (evening) -- Choir performance, Indiana Historical Society

Those interested in rehearsing Friday, June 24th, should contact Doug Perry. Check out the Choir Activities tab on the Class of 1961's website

The choir reunion organizers need your correct mailing address and best email address. Information was mailed in early May 2010 regarding this upcoming event; if you didn't receive it, provide your contact information via email to Dave Miller.
(Email corrected)

Additionally, the choir reunion committee need your financial support to help offset the travel and housing expenses for our honored guests. Please make your check payable to Nancy Coyle (choir reunion on the Memo line) and send to her at 5707 N. Oxford Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Choir members planning to attend in June are asked to email the choir reunion organizers at Choir Email.
Refer to NewsBriefs in the coming months for reunion updates!


We have received an inquiry if there are plans for a reunion for the Class of 1951 (your 60-year reunion.) If there are any plans in the works, kindly let us know so we can share the news to your classmates who are inquiring.

Likewise, we'll be happy to use our communications channels to share any special class event. Keep in mind, however, that this publication is sent out monthly; therefore, we cannot accept any short-dated events. Cutoff for information to be published in NewsBriefs is no later than end of the first week of each month.


Also, in accordance with our Information Privacy Policy, our alumni database information is NOT shared with any third-party entity except to reunion committees for class celebrations. The entire database is not available at anytime.

SAA Board of Directors 

Following are the current members of the SAA Board of Directors. Your Decade Rep is available to work with you or answer questions you might have within your decade:

Executive Board:
Deloris J. (Richardson) Duff - '59 - President
Marilyn (Chance) Shank - '67 - lst VP
Alfred "Al" Edyvean, Jr. - '68 - 2nd VP
Jarnell (Burks) Craig - '63 - Treasurer
Carol (Morgan) Gog - '73 - Recording Secretary
Melford "Dutch" Holland - '57 - Parliamentrian

Members at Large:
Guy Russell - '59 - Consultant (Founder, SHSAW)
Martha "Marta" (Cantwell) Meeker - '39 -- Decade of '30s Representative
Kathryn "Katy" (Hill) Meredith - '42 -- Decade of '40s Representative
Lee (Scott) Beasley - '57 -- Decade of the early '50s Representative
Virginia Doss '59 -- Decade of the late '50s Representative
Richard "Rich" Edyvean - '69 -- Decade of the '60s Representative
Keith M. Rand - '70 -- Decade of the '70s Representative
Colette Ross-Boggan - '80 -- Decade of the '80s Representative

Brandon Cosby, Principal, Shortridge Magnet H.S. for Law and Public Policy
James Larkin & Stephen Papesh, vice principals
Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Deloris "Dee" (Richardson) Duff. President
Shortridge H.S. Alumni Association

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