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The University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID Center) leads in research, development, and advocacy for innovative health benefit designs.

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This month's headlines:

NJNJ health system sees results with V-BID program

From Employee Benefit News: JFK Health System in NJ  has implemented V-BID, now has 40% of employees in that plan, and has found that costs have remained steady for the V-BID group.  Those not in V-BID plans have seen increases in costs.


The health system's director of human resources explained the plan: "We make it very simple for our employees - they can choose the healthy way or they can choose to pay...  And let's face it, it's not like the VBID plan asks a lot of them - just see your doctor, get your cancer screenings and blood work, monitor your health, take your medication and follow any additional guidelines if you have an illness. Those are all things that make for a happier and more productive life anyway, but we provide them with financial rewards for doing it."


RegistryCHRT Symposium April 13 in Ann Arbor

CHRT logo

 On April 13, 2012, the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) based at the University of Michigan will bring together prominent state and national policy-makers, health services researchers, and funders to explore and share ideas for bridging the gap between healthcare research and policy.


CHRT's symposium, "Health Care Policy and Research - Can We Speak the Same Language?"at the University of Michigan's North Campus Research Complex in Ann Arbor, will feature Karen Davis, PhD, president of The Commonwealth Fund, as the keynote speaker, and the V-BID Center's Mark Fendrick will also be presenting. 


Register Here

IOMV-BID highlighted at IOM Roundtable
 iom logoThe V-BID Center's Mark Fendrick presented at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Value & Science Driven Health Care on March 14 in Washington, DC.  Dr. Fendrick's slides are available here.
EmploybenrefEditorial on V-BID: What do we really know?
 A recently published an article in the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy "What do we really know about VBID? Quality of the evidence and ethical considerations for health plan sponsors" questions the evidence on V-BID to date.


It is consistent with the Center's mission to share all of the information available on V-BID with our followers, even if critical, and we welcome your feedback on this piece.


View commentary by Brenda Motheral 

avHHS References V-BID in actuarial value bulletin

Recently the Department of Health and Human Services issued an outline of its intended approach for calculating actuarial values in the plans to be offered within state health insurance exchanges. The policy bulletin specifically referenced V-BID during a discussion of the need for flexibility in creating a formula to calculate actuarial value, saying, "We also recognize the need to accommodate innovative plan design features that are meaningful to consumers, such as Value-Based Insurance Designs that vary the copayment or coinsurance for items and services based on expected value." The Center will submit comments to HHS regarding the policies in the bulletin, which is a precursor to the formal rule-making process.  

AJMC2011 V-BID Symposium Proceedings in AJMC

2011 symposium button
have been published by the American Journal of Managed Care.  This piece provides an excellent overview of the themes from the day-- it's a great review for attendees and an excellent way to bring those who couldn't attend up to speed. The V-BID Center website also contains videos and presentations from the day.


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