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The University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID Center) leads in research, development, and advocacy for innovative health benefit designs.

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V-BID included in President Obama's deficit reduction strategy


In an address on April 13, President Obama outlined a comprehensive 12-year deficit reduction plan including efforts to control Medicare cost growth using V-BID.  In a follow-up fact sheet, the White House noted one approach to expanding the role of V-BID. 



Kaiser Health News article points to need for prevention best practices
Kaiser Health News article "Under Health Law Colonoscopies Are Free, But It Doesn't Always Work That Way" highlights the challenges of implementing the new healthcare mandate that high-value preventive care be provided free.  Colorectal cancer screening is one specified preventive service to be provided with no patient cost-sharing under Sec. 2713 of the Affordable Care Act.  But when a polyp is removed, patients are charged as the procedure becomes more than a screening.

Kaiser Health News explores this confusion and explains ways the new law can be interpreted to the benefit of the patient.    

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New V-BID article: "The Search for Value"
The April issue of Compensation Benefits Review features "The Search for Value: Value-Based Insurance Design in Both Public and Private Sectors" by Richard Wagner.  The article highlights the growth and development of V-BID and guides benefit managers on how to leverage V-BID to extract more value from their health plan.
Employers plan to increase co-pays without the benefit of V-BID

The 2011 Benefit Options Survey reveals that three-quarters of employers plan to increase deductibles or co-pays, and few are looking at V-BID as a way to ensure these increases are clinically nuanced to minimize any resulting decline in health. 


Coverage in HealthLeaders Media explained: "In considering plan design changes in 2011, 22% of employers expect to increase deductibles; 21% are looking at increases for office visits and emergency room copays; 17% will increase prescription drug copays; and 13% expect to increase copays for specialists. Only 5% are looking at value-based plan design."



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Featured Collaborator: Center for Healthcare Decisions
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The Center for Healthcare Decisions in Sacramento has been identifying societal values on difficult healthcare issues since 1994.  Through the use of non-partisan interactive small group discussions, CHCD asks citizens to deliberate on some of the most challenging issues in healthcare today, especially the responsible use of finite resources.  In its recent study in California, What Matters Most, CHCD concluded that the public may be receptive to a 'stick' approach to V-BID- using negative incentives to discourage certain interventions or practices.  Results of projects like these can inform health policy and promote new models of coverage that reflect informed public perspectives.


Much of CHCD's work on obtaining value in healthcare is relevant to V-BID.  Executive Director Marge Ginsburg recently had a featured article about consumers views on paying more for high-cost, low-value care in the November 2010 issue of Health Affairs and presented at Health Affairs V-BID forum in DC. 


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V-BID Faculty at Upcoming Events
  • May 24-25: Irving, TX. Health Smart Forum. Reform Legislation & The Future Of Integrated Self-Funded Healthcare. Irving, TX.
  • May 25: Cincinnati, OH.  European-American Chamber of Commerce 2011 Conference, Expo & Gala Dinner. Health & Wellness: A Transatlantic Dialogue.
  • June 21-23: Minneapolis, MN.  NBCH National Health Leadership Council Forum. Comparative Effectiveness Research: What is it? Why Should Purchasers Care?



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