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The University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design is the leading advocate for development, implementation and evaluation of innovative health benefit plans. 

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Health Affairs issue on V-BID gains widespread coverage
Fendrick_HealthAffairs_Nov2The V-BID Center's A. Mark Fendrick, M.D., was one of several speakers presenting at the November 2 launch of the Health Affairs issue devoted to V-BID.  

We've been tracking the media coverage of this milestone for the V-BID concept; read about the coverage and the issue content at our website. 
Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform targets cost sharing

Commission_coverThe National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform's Moment of Truth report recommends reforming Medicare co-pays:


"Currently, Medicare beneficiaries must navigate a hodge-podge of premiums, deductibles, and copays that offer neither spending predictability nor protection from catastrophic financial risk. Because cost-sharing for most medical services is low, the benefit structure encourages over-utilization of health care" (p.38). 

Archives of Internal Medicine: V-BID for low-income families
archives_int_medNew research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that lower-income families in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are more likely to skip or delay treatment than higher-income families.  Invited comment on this research by Victor Grann, MD, MPH, of Columbia University states the potential of value-based insurance design for helping patents in HDHPs get valuable care.
Brookings report touts promise, calls for clarification of V-BID
Brookings_reportBending the Curve Through Health Reform Implementation, published by the Engleberg Center for Health Care reform at Brookings mentions the promise of value-based approaches for improving health outcomes and costs.  In particular, the report calls for clarification of the role of value-based insurance design as mentioned in health reform legislation.
AHIP Fall Forum: Legislative support for V-BID

AHIP Fall ForumHealth plan leaders from across the country learned from V-BID Center faculty and advisory board members about interpreting the role of V-BID in recent health reform legislation and its implementation. 

V-BID Center submits comments on TRICARE preventive services
TRICARE_commentsThe V-BID Center submitted comments to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on the Interim Final Rule for Elimination of Copayments for Authorized Preventive Services for Certain TRICARE Beneficiaries.  The Center supports the elimination of co-pays for selected evidence-based primary preventive services and calls for further elimination of co-pays for secondary prevention.  
Other V-BID News
Wall Street Journal, November 9: As states trim smoking cessation budgets, the rate of smokers in the US has stopped declining, and remains largely unchanged since 2004 at 20.6%. 

New York Times, November 12: Only 25% of diabetics getting the care they need because of rising costs. 

Read more about how V-BID programs help lower barriers to 'high-value' treatments for these and other conditions. 


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