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As the Entrepreneurship Center continues to grow and foster entrepreneurial activities at UNCW and within our entrepreneurial community, it is often helpful to hear stories about the tangible benefits and opportunities the Center is creating.


For this we chose a story from our Enov8t summer entrepreneurship camp for high school students. In its second year Enov8t has not only become popular locally, but also beyond Wilmington with high school students from Raleigh and Connecticut (CT) attending the week-long camp. It is the student Scott Dunstan and his family from CT that form this story.


To begin with, the Dunstan's had never been to Wilmington and found Enov8t through a Google search. Upon registering for the camp they rented a beach house at Wrightsville for the week of camp and brought the entire family down to experience what makes Wilmington great. On the final day of camp after their son Scott delivered an excellent rocket pitch, Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan took me aside and shared some amazing comments.


Like many of us, they had fallen in love with Wilmington and the area during the week. There son Scott, a rising senior, had decided UNCW was where he wanted to go to college and has since applied. The Dunstan's also indicated their interest in relocating to Wilmington and bringing their accounting business with them. As things happen, Ryan Crecelius, founder of Do Good Real Estate and a UNCW alumnus, was sitting at the table with them during the presentations as he had just spoken to the students earlier that week and wanted to see the final presentations. Ryan is now representing the family in their search for a house in Wilmington.


It is this single story where an entrepreneurship camp has directly impacted our tourism industry and has the potential to benefit the local real estate market and an entrepreneur, Ryan, who supports non-profits through real estate. It also created the potential for another excellent student to attend UNCW and the possibility for a business to move here as well and create jobs and help our commercial real estate market. This single story exemplifies the importance of the Entrepreneurship Center and everyone's support and involvement in it. It is having a big impact in so many ways. 


Sincerely, Jonathan Rowe
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Fall 2011 EC Event Schedule
UNCW Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program Grows
Fall 2011 Event Schedule

The Fall schedule continues the Center's series of monthly events with exciting speakers, the popular rocket pitch, and Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. We also have some new events such as our September 16th Trends in Raising Capital in partnership with the Wilmington Investor Network. Please mark your calendar with the dates and times. Registration for each event will be available a month prior.


August 31st @5:30pm - Wells Fargo Speaker Series

Featuring world renowned speaker and business author Steven S. Little. Only 20 seats remain.


September 16th @1pm - Trends in Raising Capital

This workshop for investors and entrepreneurs features one of the U.S.'s foremost angel investors and entrepreneurs, Bob Okabe. There is a small fee for this event.


October 25th @5:30pm - Rocket Pitch

Five hi-growth startups and entrepreneurs will deliver 5 minute rocket pitch presentations on their business model and growth strategies.


UNCW Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 15th - 18th)

November 15th @6pm - Wells Fargo Speaker Series

November 16th @6pm - Student Rocket Pitch Event

November 17th @6pm - Entrepreneurial Movie Night

November 18th @9am - Starting a Business Workshop 

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship and Business Development Program Grows

students As the 5th year of the Entrepreneurship and Business Development major for undergraduates kicks off at UNCW, the program has grown from its inception in 2006 to 130 students and has become one of the most popular fields of study. The program provides students with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship. It also focuses on developing emerging businesses and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in established businesses. The skills and knowledge gained in the program target three particular career paths: (1) Entrepreneurship: starting a business or helping others start businesses, (2) Business Development: becoming part of an emerging business including a family business or assisting an emerging business grow as a banker, investor or advisor, or (3)Corporate Entrepreneurship: bringing entrepreneurial skills to established businesses by identifying opportunities and launching new products and services.

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Brett Martin
Brett Martin's entrepreneurial success with CastleBranch, Route 1A, Hearts Apart and more make him one of the most important and successful entrepreneurs in our region. But it is also Brett's unending commitment to UNCW students and entrepreneurship education that truly make him special. Since 2009 Brett has served as Entrepreneur in Residence at UNCW where he has spoken to numerous classes, hosted innovation workshops,  mentored countless students, and organized numerous internships with his companies. He even hosts weekly lunches with open invitations for students to attend. Brett's influence and support of the students is what has made the entrepreneurship program so strong and our graduates so successful. Thank you, Brett.
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Enov8t Camp Graduates Young Entrepreneurs
Enov8t, the summer camp for young entrepreneurs graduated another class on June 24th, following another inspiring series of rocket pitch presentations delivered by the high school students. The  students from as far away as Connecticut and Raleigh took part in the week-long program which teaches entrepreneurial skills as well as team building and leadership. Numerous local entrepreneurs including Andrew Gray, Doug Tarble, Sallie Smyth, and Nathan Snell spoke to the students. Jonathan Rowe, Fran Scarlett, and Jim Howell acted as instructors in helping each student develop a business idea. The students also had great fun on the UNCW ropes course and through team building activities led by UNCW entrepreneurship students.

enov8t 2011  
Entrepreneurial Statistic: According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses 25% percent of small business owners (less than 50 employees) reported raising their average selling prices in the past three months due to higher operating and raw materials costs.