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Vol. I, No. 7

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In this Edition...
MLI helps Calvin Helin launch his latest book The Economic Dependency Trap
MLI and Canadian Century influence spreads
MLI Commentary asks: "Why is good policy toxic politics?"
Canada's Founding Ideas Series launched
Who's Who on the Cover Contest
MLI in the News and on the Go
MLI helps Calvin Helin launch his latest book The Economic Dependency Trap
MLI hosted a book launch in early November in Ottawa for our Advisory Council Member Calvin Helin and his newest publication, The Economic Dependency Trap.
MLI Managing Director, Brian Lee Crowley, welcomed Calvin and dozens of folks to the historic Rideau Club in downtown Ottawa on November 2nd.
helin eventEveryone enjoyed the evening immensely. Calvin spoke passionately about his beliefs following an introduction by Grand Chief Morris Shannacappo and the author signed many copies of Economic Dependency that were sold to those in attendance.
MLI is proud to be a part of the launch of Calvin's great new book. A publication in which Helin reveals the hidden puppet strings attached to handouts on every level, from households to the global economy. He proposes groundbreaking, positive solutions in down-to-earth language every reader can relate to. This book is essential reading for educators, community organizers, and others who work with the poor, as well as for pundits and policymakers. As such we were pleased to see Senator Patrick Brazeau (inset) and Senator George Furey in attendance.
helin and brazeauWe wish Calvin well as he launches Economic Dependency in the United States in the coming months.
You can see more pictures from the event here...and be sure to check out the video of the evening here!
MLI and Canadian Century influence spreads
MLI's influence continues to spread in the United States and beyond. Commentators and observers of the economy are picking up on the messages of Canadian Century.
Recently, David Hay of Evergreen Capital Management wrote a glowing review of Canadian Century. In turn, Mr. Hay's words were picked up and spread by influential financial commentator, John Maudlin and by investor advisor Louis-Vincent Gave.CC Cover
Mr. Hay then wrote about MLI and our Managing Director, Brian Lee Crowley, again in his October 22nd Evergreen Virtual Advisor.
All the favourable chatter has led to pick up of Canadian Century themes of prudent fiscal management by even more commentators across the US and in the UK.
Read about it all here...
Canadian Century also hit another best-seller type list recently. Ottawa's Hill Times, a weekly must-read for all politicians and bureaucrats in the Nation's Capital has named MLI's first book publication to its list of Best Books 2010.
See the Hill Times (subscription).
MLI Commentary asks: "Why is good policy toxic politics?"
MLI's Managing Director, Brian Lee Crowley, spoke at an Economic Club of Canada Breakfast in Toronto last June. He provided his thoughts on tax harmonization and the on-going challenge to reconcile good public policy with good politics.
The recent decision to quit politics by British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell has brought focus to the HST issue yet again. So it is timely to look at Dr. Crowley's remarks from June and MLI has recently published them in a Commentary titled, Why is good policy toxic politics?
If you missed it, be sure to the Commentary here...
Canada's Founding Ideas Series launched
The Macdonald-Laurier Institute is dedicated to celebrating the history and political traditions of Canada. It is one of the reasons that MLI exists. So, it is no surprise that Managing Director, Brian Crowley, and Managing Editor, John Robson, were particularly happy recently with the release of the first of our intended series of papers on Canada's Founding Ideas.Confederation and Individual Liberty
Confederation and Individual Liberty, by acclaimed Canadian scholar Janet Ajzenstat, celebrates the founding of Canada and those Founders who played key roles intellectually and by their actions. Ajzenstat makes the forceful case that Canada stands on strong, deeply-rooted liberal democratic philosophical foundations. Using their own words she paints the picture of Founders far more steeped in a concern with liberty, than academic and popular tradition suggests. She rightly and proudly proclaims, "We have every reason to be proud of those whose minds and energies gave us Canada, and of the system of Parliamentary self-government at its political core."
The entire paper can be found here...
MLI Who's Who on the Cover Contest
As part of the launch of the Founding Ideas Series, MLI Managing Editor
Taves winner
Grand Prize Winner John Taves
John Robson is running a contest: Who's Who on the Cover?
The Grand Prize winner is John Taves from Blenheim, Ontario and the First 2nd place winner is Vincent Geloso of St. Lambert, Quebec. Other winners include, Joseph Labelle from Moncton, Andrew Banks of Ottawa, Martin Dendekker, Norwich, Ontario, Paul Brink from Ipswitch, Massachusetts, Gary Miller, Regina, Saskatchewan and Kevin Jiang from Gloucester, Ontario. Congratulations all!
There are still a couple of prizes available...enter now!
MLI in the News and on the Go!
In case you missed it...
MLI's Brian Crowley has been talking about fiscal responsibility lately. You may have missed him in the Globe and Mail, or on CBC's Lang / O'Leary Exchange.

MLI's Alex Wilner, author of Rehabilitation to Recruitment, was interviewed on the Roy Green Show recently. The show reaches listeners in 9 Canadian cities.
You can hear the interview here...

On the Road with MLI
Brian Crowley was in Washington recently and appeared on a panel discussing The Canadian Century and the lessons in contains at the Liberty Forum in Washington, DC. He joined such renowned speakers as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Will at this 10th annual forum.

In early December, Dr. Crowley will be hosted at a reception at the Canadian Consulate in New York City where he will bend more ears to the message of Canadian Century and MLI.
The Macdonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy exists to make poor quality public policy unacceptable in Ottawa. We will achieve this goal by proposing thoughtful alternatives to Canadians and their political and opinion leaders through non-partisan and independent research and commentary. Visit us online at