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Vol. I, No. 5

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Time for a "tea party"?
MLI on healthcare reform in National Post
Citizen of One still making news
Granatstein on new jet fighters
MLI in the News and on the Go
Time for a "tea party"?
Recently, the Toronto Star's Susan Delacourt wanted to know if there would be a Canadian Tea Party movement, and she asked MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley. His view? "We've had our Tea Party." tea pot
He underlined that the Chr�tien government of the '90s, with some prodding from Preston Manning's Reform Party, made giant strides towards solving the problems that the US has failed to tackle successfully, such as reducing the public debt burden and putting governments on a sustainable course.
He also pointed out that Canadian governments have done a good job in whittling down spending as a % of GDP. It is the same message contained in MLI's highly successful book, The Canadian Century, which Crowley co-authored.
Read the Star article here
MLI on healthcare reform in National Post
On September 13th, the National Post took a look at the most recent OECD "Canada Economic Survey 2010" in an above-the-fold piece titled Canada Receives Health Care Scare.
The Post's Paul Vieira turned to MLI's Brian Lee Crowley for comment on Chapter 3 of the OECD report, Overcoming challenges in health-care reform. Crowley noted, "I think when the next round of reforms needed to keep Canada in good fiscal health are necessary, health care can't be avoided. And the prescription that the OECD has offered is surely the direction Canada will have to go in."
Read the full article here...
Citizen of One still making news
In June, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute released a study paper, Citizen of One, Citizen of the Whole. We pointed out that domestic trade barriers were costly to individual Canadians, business and government and we called for an enforceable Economic Charter of Rights. Earlier this month, in a Globe and Mail piece titled The Trade Walls that Divide Us, Barrie McKenna referred to our study again and pursued the issue further.
His voice joins others that have echoed our call for government action on domestic trade barriers that hurt us all.
Read the article here...
Granatstein on new jet fighters
Historian Jack Granatstein, a member of MLI's Research Advisory Board, writes a monthly column for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. In September, he writes about Canada's purchase of new F-35 fighter jets, starting out: "In a slow summer for serious political matters, the government announcement that Canada will buy 65 F35 fighter jets for a cost (including maintenance) of $16 billion has upset the Opposition and critics of the government's defence policy. For its part, the Harper government did little to help itself by having the Defence minister talk about how pilots like fast aircraft and having them would help recruiting. Nor did the Prime Minister's press secretary assist much by  announcing that the Russians were invading across the Pole and that only Canada's present-day fighter jets had turned their bombers away. It really is the summer silly season."
Click here to read the article...
MLI in the News and on the Go!
In case you missed it...
Brian Bethune reviewed The Canadian Century in Maclean's, calling it a "cheerful (if bracing) survey of our future prospects" and a "convincing case".

MLI Commentary contributor Scott Newark was front and centre on the editorial pages of the Globe and Mail in the immediate aftermath of the arrival of the 'Sun Sea' and almost 500 Tamil refugee claimants in British Columbia. Read the Op Ed here...

On the Road with MLI
It's been a busy month for MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley...
He appeared at the Canadian Employee Relocation Council AGM in Montreal. He was asked to attend after organisers read MLI's most recent study, Citizen of One, which talks about the same regulatory maze that employee relocation deals with every day. Read more about CERC here...
Brian was also the Keynote Speaker at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the George Morris Centre in Guelph, Ontario. The Morris Centre is Canada's Independent Agri-Products Think Tank. Read more about the George Morris Centre...
Crowley then moved on to discuss municipal amalgamation at the Maine Municipal Association Executive Committee Meeting in Alfred, Maine. Learn about the MMA here...
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