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The Websters in Québec
Serving with Independent Faith Mission

September 13th, 2012 


Dear Friends,

The Word of God! Back to the Basics!

 This Fall we need much prayer as we concentrate on teaching and preaching on such subjects as marriage, parenting, and how to read the Bible.  Mike is also adding a series every other week on our church's Doctrinal Statement.  This will alternate with a continued series on Romans.  We have split our Sunday afternoon Bible studies into two classes to foster more authentic exchange.  Our folks are spread all over the Quebec City area which makes fellowship outside the services a challenge.  Many of our people are "under it" right now either financially or physically or both.  Pray that God will continue to strengthen us through His Word and through real fellowship.  Pray that God will continue to forge us into a community of believers whose love for Christ and for one another will attract others to the Gospel! (John 13:35)

"Canadian dollar at more than 13-month high ..."

Exchange Rates

This morning's headline reminds us again that as our support level is at 60%, we will soon need to leave the folks here for extended deputation.  We had hoped that our own men could provide the leadership necessary during our absence but this now looks doubtful.  Please pray for God's provision!

Health Matters  

Since August 25th our 21-year-old youngest has been in South Carolina with our oldest daughter Valerie, and family.  This is somewhat of a "trial run" to get her reacclimated to life in the USA while helping out the Sandquists with their three children during Valerie's own very difficult bout with epilepsy.  Catherine's desire is to be able to pick up classes again at BJU in January.  Valerie's desire is to be able to function normally again as a wife and mother.  Thank you for your continued prayer for both of our daughters.

Yours for French-speaking Canadians,
The Websters

The Webster Family

5612, rue des Campanules

Québec (Québec)



"Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. Brethren, pray for us." (1Th 5:24-25)