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 2011 Calendar 

May 14 - June 5
Pasadena Senior Games

June 3 - June 5
Wine Country Senior Games

June 16 - 30
2011 Summer National Senior Games, Houston

August 14 - 21
Manteca Senior Games

September 1 - 30
San Diego Senior Games

September 30 - October 7
Inland Empire Senior Games

February 3 - 6
Palm Desert International Sports Festival and Senior Games 

March 11-13

Second Annual California Senior Olympic Winter Games, Bear Valley

March 26 - April 3
Bay Area Senior Games / California State Championships, Stanford

May 7 - 22
San Diego North
Senior Games

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posti scienceOn March 26, at the Health & Peak Performance Conference, held during the 2011 California Senior Games State Championship, Dr. Michael Merzenich, Posit Science Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer/Professor Emeritus UCSF, gave a stimulating presentation on Brain/Body Synergy.
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Happy June - I'm writing with a short update and a special offer from our sponsor Posit Science.  I am proud to welcome Posit Science Brain Fitness as a Sponsor for the 2011 Bay Area Senior Games/CA Senior Games Championships! Everyone at Posit Science thrives on challenge and the hope of making a profound difference in people's lives -- shared values by our Senior Games athletes and the Bay Area Senior Games/CA Senior Games Association. All of the athletes at the State Championships - March 26 - April 3 and May 21 & 22 - received Posit Science Resources DVD's in the athlete welcome bags. I hope you have had the opportunity to watch the DVD's as they contain great information. See the article below for a special offer from our friends at Posit Science.


In addition, Pasadena and San Diego North are right in the middle of their Games; and the first annual Wine Country Games are beginning this week. We had a great and spirited soccer tournament at Stanford with 27 teams on May 21 and 22. Results will be in the next e-news, coming very soon.


Finally, California athletes are getting ready to journey to the 2011 Summer National State Games in Houston.  We wish them well. ..and we applaud and commend your continuing commitment to exercise -- the key to long, healthy living. 



Chair - California Senior Games Association

1960 Olympian  

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Special for You: Posit Science is extending a 30% discount on any Posit Science software program to the Bay Area Senior Games/CA Senior Games Championships participants. Just use coupon code BASG30 during checkout. Learn more about their programs now!


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See you at the Games!  The competition never ends.