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 2011 Calendar

February 3 - 6
Palm Desert International Sports Festival and Senior Games

March 11-13
Second Annual California Senior Olympic Winter Games, Bear Valley

March 26 - April 3
Bay Area Senior Games / California State Championships, Stanford

May 7 - 22
San Diego North
Senior Games

May 14 - 21
Manteca Senior Games

May 14 - June 5
Pasadena Senior Games

June 3 - June 5
Wine Country Senior Games

June 16 - 30
2011 Summer National Senior Games, Houston

September 1 - 30
San Diego Senior Games

September 30 - October 7
Inland Empire Senior Games

October 26 - November 13
Southland Senior Games

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We think that the Senior Games may be the best kept secret in town -- and we want to change that.  So please help spread the word, join our Facebook page, visit the website and help to put California Senior Games and senior athletes in the news!

A variety of local hotels are holding rooms at reduced rates for the California State Games/ Bay Area Senior Games at Stanford, March 26 - April 3. For more information, please visit

Training Resources
For Senior Athletes

For a list of training resources for your sport in Northern and Southern California, visit the California Senior Games.
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The Wine Country Redefines a Senior Moment

 wine country

The inaugural Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games take place this summer, June 2-5, in venues around the county. Local athletes are invited to participate in soccer, golf, bowling, basketball, road racing (5K, 10K and walking), swimming, bocce ball, and tennis competitions. Registration is on line and will begin in February 2011.  Visit the web at to learn more about how you can "feel the moment."


The Council on Aging is hosting this event and is excited about bringing Senior Games to the area after visiting the State games in Palo Alto and world games in St George, Utah. While this is the first year for the Senior Games in Sonoma County, we strive to become an annual world-class, Olympic-format, international sporting event for athletes 50 years or older. The Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games will truly be a celebration of life after 50 and redefine a "senior moment."


It is projected that archery, badminton, volleyball, golf, table tennis, track and field and other sports will be added in 2012. Volunteers are needed for the event and can sign up at the website


In addition to the Games, there will be opportunities to enjoy a wine reception when the athletes are recognized at the opening ceremony as well as a walking tour and, of course, wine tasting in the region.


For more information, contact Dena Lash, Director, Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games at 707 525-0143 x 128.

Trading Cards: Just for You!
trading cards

We are happy to announce the opportunity to make your own California Senior Athlete trading cards - complete with your phone number and inspirational message about fitness and health.


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Pick your best photo and have fun!

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Happy February! 

We are all looking forward to exciting Senior Games competitions in 2011.  As I write this, competitors are getting ready for the Palm Desert Games.  Coming up quickly are the California Winter Games at Bear Valley - Rosie Sundell, Winter Games director, reports that they had 45 snow enthusiasts at their ski clinic. To view video:


Registrations are coming in for the Bay Area Senior Games/California State Championships. I hope to see you all March 26 to April 3 at Stanford University and other venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go to our web site and sign up by March 14.

In January we held an enthusiastic planning meeting for the California Senior Games Championship commissioners. I want to salute all the sports commissioners at the events, who work so hard to ensure that all the Games - regional and state - are successful.


Check out the opportunity to create your own "Athlete Trading Cards" at


Be sure to "friend' us on Facebook at!/pages/California-Senior-Games/165837516772359or-Games/165837516772359

I'm delighted to welcome our new Wine Country Senior Games in Santa Rosa, June 2 -5.  Their web site is  See the article later in this newsletter for more details.

We are also delighted to welcome our new media partners - ActiveOver50 and KRON 4 TV.  See below for links to their websites and promotions. These partnerships are helping to spread the word about Senior Games in California - the best kept secret in town. 


We continue to recruit new Board Members for the California Senior Games Association and are looking for at-large directors who have expertise in legal affairs, public relations, social marketing and fund development.  Recommendations for prospective members, please send email to:

We applaud and commend your commitment to exercise -- the key to long, healthy living!


Chair - California Senior Games Association

1960 Olympian

Registration Deadline for Bay Area Senior Games/2011 California Senior Games Championships is Fast Approaching

Online and paper too!

On-line registration is now open for the 2011 California State Championships, aka Bay Area Senior Games, from March 26 - April 3 at Stanford, Palo Alto and venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please register online (saving $15.00 and paper) at or download the registration application and mail to the California State Championships/Bay Area Senior Games office, 81 Encina, Upper Floor, Palo Alto, CA, 94301.

Deadline: March 14 at noon for online registration or March 7 for postmarked registration.

Exciting New Stanford Study Needs Senior Athletes

Dr. Eswar Krishnan is the Director of Clinical Epidemiology and an Assistant Professor at Stanford Medical School. He is currently conducting a study titled: Healthy Aging Lifestyle and Frailty (HALF). This study aims to unlock the secrets of human immune system and study how it changes with age and frailty. The Stanford University School of Medicine is seeking up to 700 healthy participants aged at least 40 years for this 3 year study, funded by the National Institute on Aging.  The press release for this study can be found at


Those interested in participation will undergo a 10 minute telephone interview to determine eligibility, followed by a scheduled visit to the study center at Palo Alto. During the 45 minute study visit, a fasting blood sample will be drawn.  A modest honorarium will be provided.


Dr. Krishnan will explain the goals of his study and how you can participate during his presentation at the Health and Peak Performance Conference at Stanford on March 26, 2011. Please sign up to hear Dr. Krishnan as well as presentations on nutrition, injury prevention, physiology and genetic research. Register at:

Save the Date! 

March 26: Health & Peak Performance Conference


The Health and Peak Performance has become a highlight of the Bay Area Senior Games for many in the community. This year's conference on Saturday, March 26, brings together a group of recognized experts on health, aging and fitness to deliver information you can use to achieve your goals.  The featured speaker in this update is Clyde Wilson, self-proclaimed "Health Monster."


Dr. Clyde Wilson, Ph.D. is the founder of the Center for Human Nutrition and Exercise Science at the Sports Medicine Institute in Palo Alto, CA. He teaches classes at Stanford University with titles like Food Facts, Fads and Pharmacology

and An Eminently Sensible Intro to Nutrition: Separating Facts from Fads. He firmly believes that everyone can achieve more of his/her goals using health as a personal tool.


"The body is a machine much more complex than any sports car ever built, and just like a sports car, needs all its parts to work together," says Clyde. "The different parts of nutrition supply different parts of our body, which is why understanding balanced eating, not diets or supplements, is the basis of both health and performance." 


Come hear Clyde explain why both what you eat and when you eat are key to maximizing your potential.


Everyone is welcome to attend the 2011 Health and Peak Performance Conference at Stanford University on March 26, 9 am to 5pm. Registration is only $30 and includes continental breakfast, a healthy lunch, panel with Olympians and admission to the Athlete Reception at 5pm. Go to to register.

In Memory..... 
Tony and Don

Donald DeLutis


Donald DeLutis, co-captain of the mens 70+ age team 'Nor Cal Sharks' was 76-yrs.old, had a heart attack and suddenly passed away, right after hitting a 3-pointer on July 3, 2010 at the Pan Am Senior Games in Eugene, Oregon. Longtime teammates and friends, Dr. Ira Glick, Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford School of Medicine, and Tony "Bones" Davis, former Harlem Globetrotter, were on the court, obviously stunned, as was the entire gym.

'Some people get one last shot in life" an homage to Donald begins ... It is titled: "He Achieved Many Goals in his Life," and writes of his visionary spirit, life accomplishments, and unique basketball history:

Vern Glenn, KRON's popular sportscaster, says: "He was certainly one of the most vibrant men I've ever met. And he just loved basketball. He regaled me of tales of the golden age of the game in the 1950's at the college level. And goodness, could he shoot! I mean from the corner, the elbow, top of the key. The man had range. He was funny, engaging and just a pleasant fellow to be around. Gary Radnich loved having him in studio just before the 2009 games at Stanford in late July of 2009."Donald DeLutis is survived by his wife Ruth, son Dante and sister Constance DeLutis.

A tribute for Donald DeLutis is being planned during the 2011 Bay Area Senior Games/CA Senior Games Championships. The Nor Cal Sharks will be competing in the mens 70+ age group, 3 v 3 men's team, at the March 26 basketball competitions at Stanford.Information about the tribute will be in the next newsletter. We welcome hearing from those who knew Donald.

Submitted by Marsha B. Felton, Consultant, 2011 Bay Area Senior Games/CA Senior Games Championships


Volunteer Registration Now Open

Volunteers are the Heart of the Senior Games. Please register at All volunteer positions are now posted. Please sign up and help us make these Games simply the best ever! Thanks so much, we could not do this without you!.
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We are delighted to offer new gear designed especially for California Senior Games athletes, friends and families -- polos, jackets, hats, and training tee shirts with the California State Games logo.Click HERE to view and order. 

Now Available: California Senior Athlete Trading Cards. They will be collectors items for sure!

See you at the 2011 Bay Area Senior Games/California Senior Games Championships!