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In this issue, I post an article I found via Twitter.  It gives you a powerful way to keep the door open to future opportunities even though you didn't get the job.  And, by using it you'll be remembered long after the hiring process is over.
How To Make Yourself Memorable When Someone Else Gets The Job
Rejected again.

The problem is that this time you were SO sure you were going to get the job. You had three call backs, and two interviews with top management. But the rejection letter is in your hand. Now what? You have several choices.
  • You can wallow in self-pity.
  • You can call up the hiring manager and give him a piece of your mind.
  • You can write a nice thank you note to the recruiter and the hiring manager.
You can send a nice note to the hiring manager, and everyone else you had contact with during the selection process.
Why would you want to do that?  The job is gone. They have selected someone else, and that person has evidently accepted the job. But since you were one of the very top candidates, you may yet have an opportunity to turn a setback into a success.
The candidate they selected may not work out.
That person could change his or her mind and never start work at all, or might even begin working and not fit into the corporate culture, or prove to be incompetent, or unsuitable for some other reason.  The employer will then probably take a second look at the top candidates who were not selected in order to avoid having to go to the time and expense of reposting the job, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews with new candidates.
When was the last time you received a thank you note?
Exactly.   And you can probably remember who wrote it, too.
Thank you notes are so rare that they stand out. You can distinguish yourself by writing a thank you note.  Be sure to include the following points.
  1. Thank them for letting you know the outcome, even though you were not selected.
  2. Thank them for their time, and for any courtesy shown to you during the interview.
  3. Thank them for the chance to learn about their company, and to meet some of the people who work there.
  4. You can even express disappointment that you did not get the job, and your continuing interest in working for the company.
  5. Ask them to contact you if the situation changes or another job becomes available.
While the likelihood of the first candidate not working out is small, the time you invest in writing the note could put you at the top of the list when another job becomes available.
Source: via @resumebear

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