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In this issue I talk about reviewing the job description as part of your job interview preparation.
The Easy Step - Most Candidates Forget - When Preparing For Job Interviews
You've done your research on the issues facing the company and industry.  So, you know exactly how you can help them solve their issues with your expertise.  You've prepared and practiced the most-asked job interview questions and your interview stories.  Now, is there anything else you could do to prepare for your interview? Yes.  Here's the easy step most candidates forget.  It's the thorough and careful review of the job description. The job description tells you exactly what the hiring organization is seeking in terms of qualifications, experience and competencies.  So, it's an easy way to get yourself focused on the hiring organization's requirements, before you walk out the door to your next job interview.  
Here's how to do it.   

  • Pull the job description apart, line-by-line and phrase by phrase.  Write each requirement separately.  
  • Next to each requirement, write down the specifics of what you've done that proves you meet it.  Remember, the most effective proof you can use is an interview story - telling them exactly how you've handled a similar situation in the past. (See our previous newsletter articles on creating interview stories -  Making Stories Stick and Stories Interviewers Will Remember).   
Here's are a couple of examples:
Job Description Requirement:
  • Support client teams as a technical resource
Your Proof:
  • Technical resource was 80% of my role at ABC Company &  XYZ Consulting - handled largest and most complex accounts in Canada including ...
  • Interview Story: Recognized in industry for high level of technical competency - when new [such and such] technical change announced on January 5, all three top tier vendors called me directly for my advice that morning so they could respond appropriately to their client's questions ....
Job Description Requirement: 
  • Work with vendors directly

Your Proof:
  • Worked with vendors directly on many challenging issues involving: claims,  negotiations, pricing, service issues ...
  • Interview Story: Identified root cause of an ongoing service issue that threatened an already rocky relationship with a long-term vendor ....
By using their job description as your guide, you'll develop a specific foundation of proof so you respond clearly and completely to the key questions they'll ask during your interview. It does take time and discipline to review the job description thoroughly and think of your relevant proof statements and stories.  But, you'll find that the preparation really pays off during your interview.
P.S.:  Didn't get a job description?  Ask them for a copy before the interview so you can respond specifically to their requirements.
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