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In this issue I give you two simple steps for changing your branding statement and interview stories so you can expand your job opportunities.
Expand Your Job Opportunities By Creating Flexible Messages
We all have a core strength as: a creator, a leader, an organizer or a motivator.  Along with our core strength, we use our key talents - the things we've learned to do well - to get the job done.  To focus and differentiate ourselves during our job search, most people build their message - branding statement and interview stories - around their core strength.  But, it's easy to create flexible messages too.  Highlighting your key talents can help you expand the range of possible opportunities in a tight job market. 
Let's look at a real-life example. A client called me last week.  He landed an interview for a sales position in his field of expertise.  His core strength is inventing new products.  We focused his branding statement and interview stories to highlight that strength. But, I also know his key talents.  Every product he's created, he's sold.  
Here are the two simple steps we used to create a new message to highlight his talent in sales.  
Step 1:  Shift Your Perspective
  • First, we put ourselves into the shoes of a sales person.  We described the top sales people we know. We discussed what they do and how they act to bring in sales.  This exercise shifted his perspective quickly and made re-working his branding statement easy. 

Step 2:  Add the Right Details 
  • In this step, we modified his interview stories to prove his talent in sales.  We used the same stories as before.  But, the key difference was in the details.  We put less detail on how he created the product and added more details on exactly what he did to sell his designs.
It took us about one hour to transform his message - both his branding statement and supporting interview stories - so he could focus on highlighting his sales talents during the interview.   
Use these two simple steps to create flexible messages so you expand your job opportunities too!
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