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In this issue I help you tips on managing behavioral interviewing questions.
3 Easy Ways to Manage Behavioral Interviewing Questions 
This week I'm training an executive on how to properly create and ask behavioral interviewing questions.  Don't worry.  I don't cross over to the other side that often. 
Did you know that most interviewers using behavioral interviewing questions really don't know what they are doing - and don't ask for help? Here's where they go wrong and how you can benefit from their lack of expertise. 
  • Interviewers tend to use the "stem" question only. The stem question is the first question you hear:  Tell me about a time when you managed your most challenging assignment.   
  • They forget to use probe questions: What happened? What did you do? What was the result?.  And, even if they do remember, you can easily manage that part too.  

Here are 3 easy ways to help you manage your responses to behavioral interviewing questions.
1.  Automatically include all the answers to typical probe questions in your response.  That way, you won't be caught answering questions with unscripted thoughts.
Here are the details to include: 
  • What happened
  • What you did (include specifics)
  • What your boss and/or co-workers said about how you handled the situation
  • What the results were
  • What you learned 
2.  Talk about relevant experience that's most recent and refer to similar circumstances you've handled before and after that particular situation.  Trained behavioral interviewers know that there is greater predictive power if your behavior is recent and long-standing. So, they will ask you for more examples.   
3.  Increase your confidence and improve the quality of your answers by preparing your responses using the CARB Formula.  I suggest you write them down and practice them well in advance of your interview.  But, don't memorize them word-for-word. You want to sound natural in your interview.   
To your interview success!
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