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In this issue we talk about how your current resumé fits with your personal brand.
Does your resumé talk the language of solutions, results and outcomes?  
In the last few issues, you learned to position yourself as part of the solution to an organization's problems through your personal branding statement, your "tell me about yourself" introduction and blog postings. The next step is to strengthen your message by ensuring that all your personal marketing material bears the same message, especially your resumé.
To test the consistency of your message, ask yourself what would happen if you handed the first page of your resumé to someone who didn't know you. Would they immediately understand your expertise? Would they know what problems you can solve? Would they know how you can help organizations get the results they want to realize the outcomes they need? 
From the time you first prepared your resumé, you've learned a lot from your informational interviewing and networking efforts. Now it's time to fine-tune your resumé to make your message consistent, clear and convincing.
Let's focus on the information on the first page. This is the most important page. It will either move the reader to continue reading or put it aside. 
Profile Summary
Although "Profile Summary" accurately described the purpose of this section of your resume, telling interviewers exactly what kind of expert you are will capture their attention more quickly. Create a title for your profile summary that's as compelling as these:
  • Senior Project Management Expert
  • Senior Human Resource Professional
  • Senior Financial Leader

As part of the profile summary, most people list a mixture of skills, attributes and knowledge in easy-to-scan bullet points or check marks. Although this format incorporates key words that might help your online resumé make the first cut, it also makes the information just as easy to skip over when your resumé lands on the screener's desk. What these people are looking for is solid proof of your skills, knowledge and expertise. So, instead of listing facts, tell stories that sell. Create a series of crisp, clear, convincing phrases that capture their attention. For example: 

  • Skilled at finding ways to gain up-front project buy-in and quickly identify key opportunities and challenges 
  • Natural marketing expertise that consistently gains the confidence of senior management 
  • Solid reputation for rescuing faltering projects, managing difficult or delicate situations and providing excellent, proactive service

Business Experience

In this section of your resumé, the goal is to align the information in your profile summary with the description of your accomplishments, especially those from your most recent job.
For example, if you've called yourself a strategist, make sure the accomplishment descriptions clearly show how you created and implemented strategic decisions, along with solid proof of the results you achieved.
To do this, read what you've written on your resumé about your current or last job. Then, grab a pen and check off all of the accomplishments that directly align with the statements in your profile. If these accomplishments appear on the second page, reposition them onto the first page. They'll be more powerful and keep the resumé screener interested in reading more.
If you want to know more about how well your resumé reflects your personal brand or if you're unclear about your key message, call the Interview Expert. I'll provide an unbiased, professional review. If your resumé doesn't align with your personal brand,  I'll help you create a stronger version quickly - so you consistently present yourself as a solution, not just another job candidate, and land the job you really want. 
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First, recognize that you are in a condition of need.  It's hard to hide that.  The feelings of neediness, even desperation is apparent to everyone.  When you're needy, your focus is on you and you tend to talk a lot about what you DO or what you KNOW. 
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