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In this issue we discuss how to grab the interviewer's attention and be remembered by telling CARB formula stories.

Stories interviewers will remember
If you've ever used the services of career coaches, they probably advised you to respond to behavioral interview questions with stories. While this is good advice, it doesn't tell the whole story. Here's what career coaches don't say.
Tell stories to answer all questions, not just behavioral ones. Why? It's simple: Facts tell, but stories sell. Stories add a huge impact to your message and when told well, interviewers will remember you in a positive way. 
If you structure stories using the conventional acronyms CAR, SAR etc, you're missing a vital part of the formula that will help you clinch the interview. That's why I recommend creating more complete stories using the CARB formula:
C/S - Circumstances/Situation
A - Action
R - Result
By replacing CAR with CARB, you'll remember to tell the interviewer the circumstances of the situation, the actions you took and the results you achieved - as well as the crucial element: the benefit to the hiring organization.
Emphasizing the B - the benefit to the hiring organization - is a simple but powerful marketing technique. Here's the trick to figuring it out: Take everything about you and make it everything about them. How do you do that? Shift your perspective a complete 360 degrees. Instead of seeing the job search from your own point of view, change your thinking from "me, me, me" to the specific benefits that are meaningful and valuable to the hiring organization.
To discover the benefits to the hiring organization, think about how your skills, experience and knowledge can help them...
be more efficient
grow their business
cut costs
be more effective
Here's how to emphasize the B in your responses to some typical interview questions - and help you make a positive impression:
1. How long have you been working in finance?
Typical response: I have 20 years of experience in finance.
Benefit-boost answer: I have 20 years of experience in finance, so I'll be fully productive from day one.
2. What were your responsibilities?
Typical response: I led cross-functional teams.
Benefit-boost answer: I led cross-functional teams, so I can help you quickly build an effective and efficient team.
In the next issue of the Interview Expert newsletter: Tips on how telling more colorful stories can make them more memorable.
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