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Febuary 2010
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February is a great time to curl up with a great... aviatrix!     
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When it's too cold to fly, the next best thing is to read about a great flyer!
Powder Puff Pilot has added three new WASP biographies to our impressive collection of fiction and non-fiction titles by and about women pilots:
  • Sharpie: The Life Story of Evelyn Sharp, Nebraska's Aviatrix
  • Daughter of the Air: The Brief Soaring Life of Cornelia Fort  
  • Nancy Batson Crews: Alabama's First Lady of Flight
Nancy Batson Crews: Alabama's First Lady of Flight
 by Sarah Byrn Rickman
Nancy Batson Crews cover
This is the story of an uncommon woman--high school cheerleader, campus queen, airplane pilot, wife, mother, politician, businesswoman--who epitomizes the struggles and freedoms of women in 20th Century America as they first began to believe they could live full lives and demanded to do so.
Crews began her aviation career in 1939 as one of only five young women chosen for civilian pilot training at the University of Alabama. Later, Crews became the 20th woman of 28 to qualify as an "original" Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) pilot, employed during World War II shuttling top-priority P-38, P-47, and P-51 high-performance aircraft from factory to staging areas, as well as to and from maintenance and training sites.

After the war, Crews raised a family and then returned to aviation in her forties. She flight instructed, flew in air races, towed, flew gliders, and owned a flight service business in California. Returning to Alabama, she flew as copilot in a turbo jet, and finally returned to her airplane of choice, the J-3 Cub.
Published by University of Alabama Press, softcover, 296 pages.............................................$24.95

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In February, you can get This Day in Women's Aviation, the page-a-day calendar for 2010, for just $9.95--that's 33% off the regular price.
With limited copies available and the year pressing ahead, this may be your last chance to
spend each day of 2010 with the pioneers of women's aviation. 
Here's a few sneak peek of what you'll find this month: 
  • On February 10, 1910, Frenchwoman Raymonde de Laroche, the world's first licensed woman pilot, flew 12 miles at the Heliopolis air meet in Egypt. She was among 12 aviators competing in five monoplanes and seven biplanes. 
  • On February 22, 1973, Barbara Ann Allen emerged at the top of her class to earn her Gold Wings--becoming the U.S. Navy's first female aviator--in ceremonies at NAS Corpus Christi, TX. She would later become the first jet-qualified woman in the Navy.
Powder Puff Pilot at the WAI 2010 Conference
Look for Powder Puff Pilot in Orlando at this year's conference for Women in Aviation, International!
WAI 2010 ConferenceIf you're registered for the conference, plan to attend the presentation
First Ladies of Aviation from Around the World, delivered by Sue Hughes of Powder Puff Pilot at 2:50 on Friday, February 26. 
While Americans tout Amelia Earhart as the celebrated aviatrix who captured our imagination, other countries around the world boast their own heroine who awed her countrywomen and inspired them to take to the air. First Ladies captures the captivating stories of the "Amelia Earhart" of Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia.
You'll also find Sue at the author's table on Saturday, February 27 from 1:30 to 3, where she'll sign copies of her aviation picture books for children, The Pilot Alphabet and Claire Bear's First Solo. She'll also have a few other Powder Puff Pilot items on hand, such as pink logbooks and Not for Navigation Greetings, the new greeting cards for pilots!
For more information about the WAI 2010 conference, go to
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email or mail your photo, bio, or comments regarding just about anything aviation, and we'll post it in our gallery at Look for its grand opening in March.
Happy reading,
Sue Hughes
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