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September 15th, 2009


The Clinical Dermatology Series:

Vulvar Dermatoses

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Dr. S
Didactic Session
elastosis perforans serpiginosa

Lever 10th Edition Chapter 15
Degenerative Diseases and Perforating Disorders

This expanded hair follicle and hyperplastic epidermis shows a transepidermal channel with elastic fibers being extruded, a hallmark of perforation and an example of elastosis perforans serpiginosa.
Unknown Slide Reviews
Hidradenoma, Nodular
Unknown Slide Review Part 65

Test your diagnostic acumen with this review of interesting cases from this past week's signout.

What is this dermal tumor that may have cystic and clear cell changes and may be mistaken for a glomus tumor or metastatic renal cell carcinoma?

Click here to find out.
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