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  July 2009


Thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter and update yourself in the latest from dermatopathology. Over the next few weeks, we will have several visiting dermatology residents rotating through our laboratory. If there is any interest in spending time with us, if only for a day or a few hours, please let us know.

Thank you.
Paul K. Shitabata, M.D.
The Dermatopathology Institute
Unknown Slide Reviews
Trichilemmoma, Desmoplastic Unknown Slide Review Part 29

Test your diagnostic acumen with this review of interesting cases from this past week's signout.

What is this tumor that resembles a morpheaform basal cell carcinoma, at the base, but is clinically benign?
Unknown Slide Reviews

Dermatopathology Slide Atlas

Diagnostic Pearls from the Dermatopathology Literature
Recurrent Nevus
This is a frequently discussed topic between dermatopathologists and dermatologists. This article presents an excellent prospective study analyzing the potential pitfalls of relying on negative "margins" on a punch biopsy. Read more.
If you would like one of our dermatopathologists to give a talk to your office or facility, please contact us directly.

Thank you!

Paul K. Shitabata, M.D.
President and Medical Director
Dermatopathology Institute
Director of Dermatopathology, Harbor-UCLA Dermatology