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The Dermatology Dozen
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June 23rd, 2009


Continuing the Clinical Dermatology Boards series:

Cosmetic Dermatology

You may access other clinical Dermatology presentations by clicking on the Clinical Dermatology Reviews on the Quick Links.

Dr. S
Didactic Session

BCC Deepers
When Do I Get Deeper Sections?

This is a common histopathologic pattern of a patchy lichenoid inflammatory cell infiltrate. The clinical diagnosis is rule out basal cell carcinoma. What histopathologic clues should lead one to consider getting deeper levels on a case?

Click here for the answer.
Unknown Slide Reviews
Unknown Slide Review Part 53

Test your diagnostic acumen with this review of interesting cases from this past week's signout.

These two punch biopsies dramatically illustrate this disease. The biopsy on the right is from lesional skin while the biopsy on the left is from perilesional skin.

What is this condition?
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Dr. S