This is Craig Sutton of FishingNosara with the January 2012 report. 


While fishing was a little slow around the full moon we are super-stoked to report that things have picked right back up.


The green water that kept coming and going is gone and it doesn't look like it will be back for awhile. Good riddance and glad to see it go.   


Captain David and Pipio on the giant killer Super panga Explorer scored the most Marlin releases for the month plus delivered tons of tasty fish to keep the clients happy and their stomachs full with fresh fish.

The big blue beauty Wanderer with Captain William and Alex has set an unbelievable pace this year and William is not taking his foot off the gas.  


They scored an amazing Marlin release with Dave Eisner on board and they have the video to prove it!    


There is no telling how many Marlin releases that the Wanderer has in store this season.

Captain Eduardo on the legendary Nice n' Tight and his big girl Sportsman had some really great trips on both boats and satisfied his clients with some great memories, plus we had some superb Horseback Mountain and Snorkeling Safari Tours this month.

There are several top gun anglers in town now and on the schedule for later in the month. These guys have a "Take No Prisoners" attitude and they know what to do when to big boys arrive behind the boat hungry.  


Don't believe it? Check out this Grouper from Bruce Sabine's group fishing on January 15. These boys tore 'em out of the frame last year and they are just getting started. 


Keep an eye on the FishingNosara Blog for daily updates of our marine conquests.

Now that the good water has settled in for the summer the fishing will really start to light up and it is going to get even better.  


Unfortunately we only have a few dates open in January but there are still some days open in February and March.

If you want to come down call me before you miss out on world class fishing in the jungle.


Tight Lines y Pura Vida!


 (904) 591-2161

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ALSO: The New York Times ranked Nosara the 41st Best Place to Go in 2012 and they didn't even mention the fishing. If they had done some fishing down here then I am sure we would have been #1.  


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Captain David has established the 26-foot Explorer as the predominant mid-sized sportfishing vessel in the whole area. This Super Panga is incredibly swift while packing the wallop of a boat twice her size. At the close of 2011 the Explorer continued to reign as the undisputed pound-for-pound champion of Costa Rican sportfishing!   


On December 15 Mark Shaw enlisted Captain David and the Explorer for a fishing trip that took them all around the Garza area and caught some great fish for the table and the trophy room.  


They stayed inshore early and around 9:30 Mark caught this tasty White Tuna.


With dinner in the box, Captain David headed offshore to blue water where hungry fish couldn't leave the baits alone.   


Around noon they lost a big Dorado and soon after a Sailfish. A hour of near-misses passed, then the fish of a lifetime came barrel-rolling through the spread.


Mate Pipio saw him first and alertly pitched a rigged ballyhoo down the exhaust alley. The Black Marlin showed his bill as he snatched the bait, and Mark buckled in for a wild ride.



After 20 minutes of combat this 250lbs. Black Marlin gave up the fight; Perfect bill and release by Pipio to ensure the safety of the fish and angler.  



The Explorer proves once again that big billfish don't care how big the boat is, so long as the right Captain, angler, and tackle are on the scene to take care of the job. Great fish, great release, great trip for Mark Shaw!


Sadie Wright from Alaska and her group caught a 25lbs. Dorado, a nice Yella fella, a White fella and fifteen Jack Crevalles on the morning of December 16.  




Mark Shaw had such a blast catching that Marlin that he signed up Captain David for an extra day of action on December 17.  


The green water made the decision to stay inshore a no-brainer, and Mr. Shaw filled the fishbox of the Explorer with fish filets.


Highlighted by a 20lbs. Cubera snapper and more than a dozen Jack Crevalles, Mark also picked up this Yellowtail snapper to round out his trip to the fish market. 


FishingNosara is famous for our 2.5hr. Sunset fishing trips. These short excursions are a perfect way to acclimate novice anglers to the craft of Costa Rica sportfishing and also delivers a breathtaking view of the golden Pacific sunsets.  


Claire and Chris Lehto joined Captain David for a sunset trip on December 23 and made the most of their 2.5 hours on the water. 


They caught three nice Yellowtail snappers and a meaty Cubera Snapper estimated to weigh 25lbs.     


Fantastic work in no time at all...another great sunset fishing trip for the Explorer.  




On December 28 client Rey Riis joined Captain David on the Explorer and reported an excellent bite of Yellowfin tuna.  


The Yellas were still around on December 29 when client Jay Johnston from California booked with Captain David.  


A half day of Yellowfin Tuna hunting commenced and we are stoked to report that he bulls-eyed his target species.  



This is just one of the many feasty morsels they put in the fishbox over a course of 5 hours. Excellent dining for Mr. Johnston!


Captain David was pleased to close out the year with a great trip on December 29 with the Berrios family.  


Senior Eduardo Berrios has become a great friend to FishingNosara over the last year since his first trip in early January 2011.  


As a resident of San Jose, Eduardo has taken more than one long weekend to test the blue waters of Garza Bay. 


He's posted some excellent trips and also endured some strikeouts, but Mr. Berrios' enthusiastic attitude and general cheerful nature always makes for a great day on the water even if the fishbox stays clean.  


To celebrate the New Year he brought three generations of the Berrios family to the Explorer and they had a magical trip.  



Captain David and Mate Carlos were honored to welcome Eduardo's father and daughter and showed them a great day of inshore action.  


Throughout the half day trip they caught three White Tunas, a Cierro Mackeral, a 20lbs. Blue Jack, a Barber Snapper and eight Bonitos.  


The highlight of the day was a 30lbs. Dorado, unusually large for such shallow depth.  


Seems like it wandered inshore right into the Explorer's spread and Abullo Berrios knew exactly how to bring the big fish home.  


Great catches by all three generations of Berrios!


Check out the video that Eduardo posted to our Facebook page from the boat! This 21st century stuff is getting out of hand folks.  



Surrounded by family and with excellent fish in the box; Great way to end a fantastic year for Mr. Berrios and FishingNosara!


Captain David and the Explorer got an early start on January 3 with client John Wellborn fishing at first light.  


They had lines in the water at 6:30am and got a few early-rising Bonita for bait.   


The first good eatin' fish was a White tuna weighing about 15lbs. After a few mystery nibbles, the Penn spinning rod screamed off its report and Mr. Wellborn roped in a 40lbs.+ Macarella!


The early bird may get the worm, but on the Explorer the early fish get the hook!


Later that day client John Fitzgerald from Connecticut caught the first Striped Marlin of the season for the whole area on the 26-foot fish-fightin' Explorer


This rarest of all Marlin species weighed and estimated 200lbs. and was released alive and unstressed as always.


Excellent work by First Mate Carlos on the safe handling of this majestic fish.


It's amazing how fast the fishing can turn down here...just yesterday Captain William of the Wanderer filed this unfortunate report: "Well, really slow today. We only had a sail on the teaser, but nothing. It's too windy offshore and the water is green."  


Now, Captain William can catch fish in a Crock-pot so if he says they ain't bitin'... trust me they ain't bitin'!


Just 24 hours later and Mr. Fitzgerald fished himself into the Hall of Fame. He backed up the Marlin release with this nice Jack on a topwater plug.



Check out this email we got from Mr. Fitzgerald: "Hey Craig just wanted to let you know that Captain David and Carlos are a great team! They put me on a bunch of fish today including a 200 plus Striped Marlin!!! Pura Vida! Many thanks John Fitz"


Great work by Captain David, First Mate Carlos, John Fitzgerald and the unconquerable Explorer on the first Striped Marlin of the season.


After boating 15 nice fish to finish 2011, Sr. Eduardo Berrios and his padre set out to make their first trip of 2012 just as fruitful on January 7. They put several Bonita in the bait bucket to get started then put the teasers out for billfish.  


Captian David keep changing up the Explorer's spread to try to coax the big billfish up to the surface.   


Unfortunately the Sails and Marlin were scarce and the Berrios boys only had a few small nibbles on the trip.  


Eduardo uploaded this photo from the boat along with this caption:  


"Heading home after spending the entire day on the water. No billfish but we still had a great time."


January 8 was a very productive day of fishing on the Explorer for Colorado-based client Adrian Archuleta with lots of good inshore action.  




Captain David kept this group parked on top of the legendary reef at Pincha Padre and the Jack Crevalles showed up with big appetites.  


By the end of the half-day trip they had put eight lovely Jacks in the fishbox.  


Excellent work as always by Captain David, Mate Carlos and the unstoppable Explorer.


After taking a day off for maintenance the Explorer played host to a company outing starring El Jefe Javier Hernandez on January 11. Looking sharp in his dress whites, the GM of Nosara Paradise Rentals showed his mastery of marine marksmanship.  




Javier nailed this nice Jack Crevelle in the late afternoon and piled the fishbox with several other nice catches. Nice evening of "work" for Javier!


Unfortunately water and wind conditions made offshore billfishing a fruitless venture in mid-January, but the Captains and crews of FishingNosara are not ones to throw in the towel when the going gets tough.  


The boys stayed inshore and satisfied their clients with big Jack Crevalles and other reef dwellers. John Wellborn booked the Explorer on January 12 and in addition to some Jacks, he found himself on the business end of a monster Cubera Snapper.




This meaty bulldog weighed about 30lbs. and should keep John Wellborn and his group full of fish for several days.  


Excellent job by Captain David of adapting to the difficult offshore conditions and delivering the goods for his clients.


This is the email we received from John:


"Big props to you and your staff! We had a blast and everyone we encountered with your company was fantastic."  


"You've got something special going on down there.Security Chief Eduardo and Concierge Manuel were especially great. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon."   


The Explorer is set to continue on this strong pace for the rest of January and on into the spring. Captain David's calendar is filling up so don't today! 



Captain William and the Wanderer led the FishingNosara team in trips and catches in the month of January.  


The big blue beauty packs world-class sport fishing hardware and is fit for inshore assaults and offshore excursions.


The Wanderer turned in another great month of fishing with lots of happy clients and fresh filets in the fishbox. 


Bottom line: If it swims and eats then Captain William and First Mate Alex can catch it.


On December 14 our buddy Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis was in town fishing with his uncle and their trip brought a beautiful Pacific Sailfish to the Wanderer.   



Though Mr. Grosshandler has fished with us many times in the last two years I believe this is Jeff's first billfish. This is a mighty trophy fish for the Hoboken, NJ angler. Looks like Jeff has the eye of the tiger!



Welcome to the bill collector's club Jeff Grosshandler!


Client David and his group stayed inshore on the morning of December 20 and had lots of fun action.


By mid-morning they had caught a few dozen Bonitas, four Jack Crevalles and a trio of Gilguero snappers.  


The also added a few tasty White Tunas to round out their visit to the fish market.  


Very productive work in a short time!


December 21 was an unforgettable day for the big blue beauty. Client Dave Eisner and his posse had a magnificent Marlin release on the Wanderer and they have the video to prove it!   


The speed of this fish is UNREAL!!! Between 0:21 and 0:26 this Marlin covers over 100 yards of open ocean in three thrusts of the tail.   


Check out Captain William's telepathic boat handling skills in the video; he fires up the motors before the Marlin makes her run at the boat and by his action saved the day for Dave Eisner.  



First Mate Alex backed it up Captain William's excellent boat handling with a textbook billfish release.  



Incredible fish of a lifetime for Dave Eisner on the famous Wanderer!


On December 23 the billfish bite was beckoning. When client Mike Brown booked a full day on the Wanderer, everybody knew there would be strong action. Captain William pointed the flagship south and headed offshore to the blue water break.


The Sailfish came in hot and heavy just after 1:00pm and attacked in waves. Mike and his posse had a shot at four Sails and ended up with two releases.  In addition they had a curious Marlin whack the teaser but the fish did not eat.



On December 28 client Gary Stacey booked the Wanderer for a full day on the blue water and the flagship delivered the goods for this Missouri-based angler.  


The spinning porpoises led the way to a large school of feasting Yellowfin Tunas and the boys broke out the topwater plugs.


The big Yellas couldn't resist as once again the fishbox of the mighty Wanderer can't stay clean!



Neil Sawyer and his buddy joined Captain William on December 31 for a day of fishing that would produce a very rare species: the Blue Jack Crevalle.


This fish occupies the same reef shelf as it's more common silver colored brethren but is reclusive and is hesitant to emerge from the reef to strike.



Such a big Blue Jack hitting on surface-bobbing topwater plugs is a bit mysterious.   

Neil wasn't interested in an oceanography lesson cause when the lines popped off this South Carolina angler had the skills to put this Blue Jack on ice.


They followed up with a few more standard-issue Jack Crevalles to go along with their exotic catch. 


Betsy Parker and her son had a huge day on January 6 highlighted by the first Rooster fish release of the season. Although this is not the biggest specimen of pez gallo we have seen, any Rooster fish is a bucket-list item for the inshore angler.  



This one was estimated to weigh 25lbs. (released) and Betsy followed up that catch with a nice White tuna, three Bonitas and five Jack Crevalles between 15-25lbs.  



Our good friend Dan Pai returned to Nosara on January 7 for a quick trip to the inshore reefs.  


He was joined by his son and they had an excellent day of rod-bendin' inshore action.


They had a few early Bonita that served as excellent bait hunks, which in turn led to a half-dozen beautiful Jack Crevalles in the fishbox.



Lots of sad faces around Garza on January 10 because the offshore fishing was really slow; nine boats went offshore and just one saw a Sailfish.


On the Wanderer client Allen Valique lost 2 big Dorados and the only boats reporting catches were of the small Bonita or Jack Crevalle variety.  


However, the very next day we received word of a MASSIVE Dorado caught on the Wanderer by client Jim Bates that might be the biggest of the season so far. Captain William reported that this monster weighed upwards of 50lbs. and by these pictures I think he may be underestimating a bit.




What an excellent gaff shot by First Mate Alex! For those who don't know the goal is to strike the fish in the head as far from the filets as possible. This prevents blood contamination in the meat and ensures maximum yield.  



"Thanks for everything Craig...we will back again. The house was great and my friends had a great time." 


"The Wanderer was a nice boat and great crew. We saw lots of wildlife and caught dinner...not bad! Thanks again for all your hospitality."  


"We will be back as soon as we can."  

-Jim Bates


The Wanderer took client Christian and his group on a 2.5 hour sunset fishing trip on January 12 and delivered great inshore action in short order. First they caught five Jack Crevalles and a Bonita as a warm up, then finished the trip strong by boating a 25lbs. Cubera Snapper. These clients were really excited when they got back to shore.



It's worth noting that earlier in the day Captain David of the Explorer also reported good action on Jack Crevalles and a Cubera snapper. Our Captains are not selfish; they share fishing intelligence with each other which gives our clients that little extra edge when they hit the water. 


After releasing a big Blue Marlin last season, Ted and Linda Thompson returned to the Wanderer for a half-day of fishing on January 13.  


Once again the blue water break beckoned and once again the Thompsons did a little bill collecting.     


First thing in the morning the Wanderer found a hungry Sailfish on the line and Team Thompson brought the behemoth alongside for a nice clean release.



Great work by First Mate Alex and Captain William to release the fish unstressed. The Thompsons are considering fishing some more days this week which certainly spells trouble for the local billfish population. Stay tuned!



Captain William and First Mate Alex are looking at a jam-packed calander for the month of February, but we do have some limited availability on the big blue beauty. Get in touch with Craig soon to book your trip on the flagship 31-foot Wanderer.


Captain Eduardo took some time out of his schedule on December 19 to take fishing the most important clients of all...his kids! They spent some time drifting over the reefs and each pulled in a nice Cabrilla (Broomtail Grouper).


Captain Eduardo is definitely doing his part to Hook the Future!


December 24 was a day of solid action on the Sportsman for client Chad from Montana. Captain Eduardo took the 32-foot Shamrock offshore to the blue water break and found some fishy activity out in the deep water.  


They raised up a mean Sailfish that tore through the spread robbing baits; it was too evasive this time and got away clean.  


However Chad recovered from that near miss with a big Dorado weighing 40lbs.


Fresh sushi followed up with grilled mahi steaks...That quite a Christmas dinner!


On December 27 client Joel Adler split his group between our two mid-sized vessels, the Nice n' Tight and the Explorer.

Captain Eduardo struck early and often with a MASSIVE Amberjack, a beefy Dorado, and a nice Yellowfin tuna for the dinner table with clients Ed, Pete and Deena.



Check out this client submitted report from John Maysak:


"My friends and I went fishing with Captain Eduardo [on January 13] for a full day offshore trip aboard the Sportsman. We released 1 sailfish, saw another that never bit, and caught 3 bonita."  




"Eduardo and his mates worked incredibly hard to make the day a memorable one for all of us, so much so that we booked another full day trip next week! It's easy to tell how much they enjoy their work and they are very good at it."  




"To top off the day mate Chano sold us some langoustines to cook for our dinner"  


Photos by John Maysak
, Washington, DC


More News from FishingNosara

The snook are still biting like piranhas at the Nosara River mouth. Javier keeps his icebox full of snook filets and it seems like the rest of the team is following his lead.


Check out this beefy 25lbs. Snook pulled in by Manuel's cousin Aider and his son Austin:



In other action around Garza, Kevin Killerman enlisted Captain Vibert and the 32-foot Aimee Marie for a half-day of inshore fishing and he piled the fishbox high with 7 Jack Crevalles.  


Nice work by the Master Captain and a great first trip back for the Aimee Marie which has been undergoing maintenance recently. 


Back home in Jacksonville, FL the town is still buzzing over the great trips posted by hometown legends Chuck Darner, Bill Wilderotter, Ronnie Dorsett, and Gary Newman. Check out this cover story from the Jacksonville Beaches' Leader newspaper: 


Feliz Navidad en Nosara 



Turtle Safari Tour


Snorkel Safari Tour   


Calm seas and clear water meant that January 9 was a perfect day for a family snorkeling trip. Client Jens Mickstrom from Denmark booked the Explorer for a combination snorkeling/fishing excursion and had a great time with his wife and kids.




In these pictures the Danes are taking a break on a reef outcropping just a few feet below the surface. Excellent navigation by Captain David in showing these clients all the good underwater vistas all the while maintaining overwatch on the snorkelers.



Another safe and fun Safari Tour from FishingNosara!  



Kayak Safari Tour




Horseback Safari Tour   




 Eco Safari Tour 



Life in Nosara

Nosara Paradise Rental's guest Jennifer Kostel catching her first waves in Costa Rica. She kept the world up to date on her surfing progress via Facebook and her enthusiasm for the 'Pura Vida' lifestyle can not be understated.

Manuel Numero Uno

The Berrios Family

Yorhany Zuniga, local photographer and brother to First Mate Alex has undertaken a documentatry project on the people of Garza. Follow this project on his Facebook page.

Rumor has it that Dos Pinos will start selling Trits in the USA sometime this summer!!!

Captain David's son at Kindergarten Graduation

Artrero takes some time off to enjoy the Rodeo.

New friends to NPR Tami Zerrillo and Jennifer Kostel


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Nosara Transport features top-of-the-line vehicles that are rigorously inspected to ensure a safe and swift trip. Our friendly drivers provide door-to-door service to the major airports. Avoid the hassles of the Taxi Stand by having your transportation arranged ahead of time.

Transportation one way to/from Liberia Airport: $140 (up to 8 people)
Transportation one way to/from San Jose Airport: $240 (up to 8 people)
Water and Snacks included. Beer and wine available for an additional fee

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Our units come complete with all the necessary amenities to fully enjoy your stay: modern kitchen appliances, utensils, microwave, blender, towels, linens, et cetera.

Nosara Paradise Rentals features a complete support staff (gardener, concierge, cleaning and laundry services) to ensure that your stay is as trouble free as possible.








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