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Never retreat; Always advance.

– General Grant


The New Year is Hear!

Welcome to 2011. Most of you did pretty well, despite the economy and advanced negotiating tactics of your customers. You found where the money was, made it worth the customer's benefit, and hopefully, made the year.

Yes, sales cycles were too long, discounts got a bit out of hand, and there were a lot of hoops that were jumped through to make the revenue number. Congrats, you get to do it again.

There are a few interesting trends on the horizon you may want to take advantage of, and they all concern your ability to listen.

1. Your customers/prospects are facing the same 2011 challenges as you. At the more senior level, now is the time when you can get a top executive meeting. Go and ASK them what their issues, challenges, concerns, trials, and headaches are for 2011. Listen to them… do not come prepared to share what 'you' are doing in 2011 that is so great and cool. Listen and seek to understand their business challenges.

2. Broad and deep is one of the enterprise strategies out there. What are the top 2011 concerns of the COO, CEO, PRESIDENT, OWNER, CMO, CLO, CMO, CXO…? Hmmm, you can do research, Google, and read a lot of good research. You can also go out and ask your customers "What is keeping them awake at night for 2011?" We have a client who is tasking their sales team to meet with Executive Management in their top ten accounts, at least 3 CXO titles, and report back what they hear, by the end of January. That will keep a sales team focused.

3. January/February is always the best time to prospect. How are you leaving voice mail/email messages to make the customer call you back and talk about them, rather than leave messages about their least favorite subject….you?

So stay away from Marketing and new products right now, read about your prospects, and go in with questions. Your prospects and customers have to do things differently this year…they have to change... and they need your help. Let them talk, so you can hear the sales come in in Q1, rather than Q4.

Good luck,

Skip and Team





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Tactical Lunch 'N' Learns

M3 Learning offers a variety of educational Lunch 'N' Learn sessions for you and your team. The presentations fit easily into a lunch hour or other convenient time slot and are delivered right to your workplace by M3 certified trainers. The presentations feature tool-based tactics—not theory. After the presentation, your sales reps will be able to immediately apply what they learned at the session to move a sale forward. We offer the first presentation for FREE. Each program is from 1 to 2 hours in duration and is customized to meet your goals and objectives:

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 • Afternoon Sessions - from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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"These are not tools… these are game-changing weapons."
- Mike Heylmun Vice President Sales

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A great hands-on, step-by-step book for learning how to take charge of the sale, ProActive Selling teaches you how to come alongside your prospect and add value during the sales/buy process. Learn what questions to ask and how use your prospect's data to customize your solution and sell on value—not price.

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