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with Skip Miller
November, 2010Vol 4, Issue 11


 Negative Ad

  Mud-Slinging, Negative Ads, Fear, Anger...

All "Away" messages  

   Do they work?  Of course they do.  Politicians have been running their campaigns the same way since the dawn of our Republic.  

 "I have to confess, I like a negative campaign, and although we the peeps claim otherwise, I think many people agree. A negative ad gets your attention. "He did what?!" The charges and counter-charges open windows of exploration. It always reminds me that I have to do more research."


Bob Englehart - Hartford Courant

Editorial Cartoonist 


   They use these ads because they work; they get people's attention.  "Away" messaging will get through to your prospects... so why do you use "towards" messaging. 


"We have a new product..."

"You need additional..."

"We just added..."


   Makes you the seller feel great, because you are announcing what you have.  Trouble is just that, it makes you feel good but prospects and potential buyers ignore it.  Right now, your prospect has a problem they want to solve.  They do not want a vitamin...they want an aspirin to get rid of the pain (away).


"You have to see what's missing..."

"You can't live without..."

"No more crashes and .."


   It really doesn't matter what the content is about, as long as it is written in "away" format.  Want to get through to your decision makers in the 4th quarter?


"How you can avoid paying more in 2011..."

"What you can do so next year doesn't..."

"How you can act right now and avoid any risk..."


   Use motivational direction messaging...towards and away...that works and gets your prospect's attention.


   Have a great 4th quarter.  Keep you head down, call high as soon as you can, and do not ask for the order...such a push.  Request a decision without delay.  Prospects want to make decisions, not send you an order. 




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It's now or get the 4th quarter where it needs to be and start the Q1 right.  Now should be the time to set appointments for January/February to see your prospects as early as you can.  Set those 2011 meetings now, so you have 12 months of selling time in 2011!

Disqualify as quickly as you can - I-Dates - and have a great 4th quarter.

Have a great November!   

Skip and team