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with Skip Miller
March, 2010 Vol 4, Issue 3
Doing Everything Right?
     Sales is a dirty job.Somone has to do it, and get paid well for doing a job well done.Hiding
     That said, are you doing everything right?  We have noticed some thing A players are doing recently, and hiding is not one of them.
     You know...hiding behind a whole bunch of busy work so sales people don't have to sell?  Hiding and calling on current customers rather than following up on leads?  Hiding with reworking slide decks, cleaning out files, getting caught up on CRM/SFA stuff, updating the database...   you get the picture?
     A big bird (Thx Gary) told me years ago you should ask yourself 5 times a day,
 "Is what I am doing right now generating revenue?"
     If it's not, stop immediatly.  If sales people and sales managers wrote down every hour for the next three days what they did in a journal, how much of it would be reveneue generating?  Scary thought, eh?
     A well tuned sales person and sales organization needs to focus on revenue right now.  Revenue is at the C-level, not the user-level.  Revenue is with the prospects who have an I-Date.  Real revenue comes from a customer who is actually trying to solve a problem, not because it's just something they want to do.  Customer are buying asprins right now hand over fist...vitamins?
    ValueStar is so important right now.  It's been great getting e-mails from people who have actually used ValueStar and got the C-Level validated, which is what you want...not educated, right?
     You have 20 days or so to make the quarter.  Advice:
1. Request a decision, don't ask for the order.
2. Request the customer execute an agreement; signing the order is such a sales push.
3. Get the I-Date.  No I-Date, no deal.  Hello Maybeland.
     It's always hard to keep the sales intensity up, but the work you do now will pay big dividends come September.  Oh yeah, September...
Good luck and keep moving forward,

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You Sell Change 



Come to the Edge, he said. 
They said - "we are afraid"
Come to the edge, he said. 
They came. 
He pushed them...and they flew

Guilaume Apolinaire
Companies need to change.  People need to change.  But two things are especially relevant about change

                                              People and companies need to change
                                              People and companies HATE to change
Tip: The challenge isn't just to help the customer solve a problem. 
          It's also to help them through a change.

Why is this so important?  Because no matter what products or services your company has to offer, every time you contact a prospect the thing you are selling represents some kind of change.
Here is the most useful and productive attitude with which you can approach this thorny issue:
1.       This company / buyer needs to change
2.       They hate change
3.       I can probably help them change and get what they really want
4.       The first have to recognize they need to change
5.       They then need a solution to make the change happen
6.       They need to see the value in changing
7.       How can I help them? 
This is a world apart from an approach that begins with, "Hey, whatever I'm selling, they need it."  The seven statements above are "pulling" the buyer toward a desired goal.  The "Hey, they need it" approach is pushing the buyer.  And nobody wants to deal with a pushy salesperson.  The thing that every successful salesperson is really selling, always, is a change that adds value to the customer's current situation. 

From Here to There
Every prospect or customer we call upon has a current way of doing things - a current version.  They're usually pretty happy with this process; otherwise, they'd have changed it before now.  They have something that works.  They're getting a reasonable return on their investment in it.
But a "value solution" is the thing you believe you can do to help these people.  The difference between what they are doing now and what they can do if they change is the "value difference."  Your job is to help them come up with the metrics - guesses, if necessary - about what that value difference would be worth to them. 
This isn't an alien process for them.  They're constantly looking for value differences already.  They are reengineering, changing processes, retooling, and upgrading all the time.  Your goal is to help them see - and quantify - the value difference that your solution has to offer. 
Use change as a lever to get into those companies and start the ball rolling.  Someone has to start it, so why not you? 
The Ides of March are upon us.  1st quarter is coming to an end soon. 
The economy isn't quite sure which way it wants to go.   
Your year is in your own hands.  Take control now!

1. Make sure the actions you are taking RIGHT NOW are generating revenue!    

2. Are you helping your customer see the value difference you bring?  If not, get your metrics in place!
Keep these two things in mind over the next few weeks and start to see a difference!   
End your 1st quarter with a bang! 

Skip and team