A Step Ahead
with Skip Miller
November, 2009 Vol 3, Issue 11
Move the Chains! 
kyle si 
My son Kyle is a high school quarterback.  Number 11.  He's having a great year and I'm extremely proud of him.  He loves throwing the football and throwing it long.  One day, his coach asked him a question: 
"What's the primary job of a quarterback?" 

Well, there is an easy answer, thought my son.  "To win the game" he said

"Nope," said the coach.  "There are 40 players on the team, coaches and a host of other people who are all working together to win the game.  Try again." 

"Okay, to score as many points as possible"

"Nope," said the coach again.  "There are 11 players on offense, and offensive coordinator and others too.  Try again." 

Clearly frustrated, my son said, "I don't know then." 

The coach then asked my son to look down at the football field.  "What do you see" 

"I see lines and numbers." 

 "Very good, now what do those lines and numbers mean?"

"They measure how successful you are."  My son was starting to get it. 

"Very good answer.  Now, during a game, how can you tell if you are doing a good job?" 

The light went off in my son's head.  "I look at the sideline chains.  They tell me what I have to do." 

"You win," said the coach.  "The goal of the quarterback is to move the chains.  Whether it's by taking a snap, handing off, passing, using head fakes, or by running the ball.  When you move the chains more than the other team, guess what happens?" 
"My team wins"  said Kyle, now enlightened. 

"Mr. Quarterback," he called him.  "Your job is to move the chains"   

So my question to you, Mr. Salesperson, Mrs. Sales manager or leader of your organization - what are you doing to move the chains?  Week by week, month by month, so you will win more often than you lose. 

Prospect - you move the chains.  Ask some great Russian questions - move the chains.  Uncover the true need - get a first down and move the chains.  Transfer ownership - You're in the Red Zone.  Move the chains.  You get the idea. 

It's not about the final score.  It's getting to that final score by being in the right position at the right time in the right place and continually moving those chains!    
Good Luck! 

How the best get better!

 TASS - Team

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CSO Insights is currently in the process of launching their 16th annual Sales Performance Optimization study, the past results from which have been regularly featured in Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Inc., CRM Magazine, etc. 
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Do this now and stop throwing darts at the dartboard blindfolded! 
Plan to Get Smarter, not Work Harder
We get a lot of requests on career pathing for sales and sales managers.  Here is our view of how to make the best better.  Something to think about for 2010!
Goal - Sales - What process should we be following and how can we make sure we are creating value?
Goal - Sales Management - What skill sets, processes and business metrics should we manage to?  
Sales:   Sales should start off with selling skills that evolve around the new sales process, so development of the sales process should be first on the agenda.  Then, once the selling process is established, selling to value should be the next skill added to the toolbox.  Finally, additional skills as chosen by sales and sales management on an as needed/required basis should be implemented.
Phase 1 - Selling Process Skills - new sales course using new process and tools
Phase 2 - Value Skills - getting the sales team out of the feature/function/price battle and into business value discussions
Phase 3 - Additional skills sets as required (Communication skills, negotiation skills, etc...)

Sales Management:  Sales Management should establish and re-establish their management ability.  That would have the new sales managers get the basics of sales management and then all sales managers get Advanced level training.  Coaching skills will be divided into two sections; coaching the new sales process, as well as coaching to overall sales proficiency metrics.  Finally, new overall business metrics need to be established and measured to correct process that are not working, and advance success that can be set as best practices.
            Phase 1 - Sales Management Skills
                                    Introduction Level
                                    Advanced Level
            Phase 2 - Coaching Skills      
                                    Coaching Sales Process
                                    Establishing goals and objectives that sales implements/measures
            Phase 3 - Business Metrics
                                    How to measure and take actions
                                                Corrective Action
                                                Rewarding Action
                                    Implementation of Metrics and Reporting
Not a complete map in any manner, but something for you to think about.  You need your A players to move to A+ status.  Plan for it...it just doesn't happen.

It can NOT be November already, can it?  Where has the year gone?  Well, if you haven't got your number for 2009, you've still got a chance to make one final push.  While all the other salespeople are eating turkey and drinking egg nog, keep at it you can still make your goal. 
2010 is right around the corner so your Prospecting and Qualifying efforts in November and December will pay HUGE dividends and help get the new year off to an incredible start.  Especially if you use the time to call higher in the organization. 
As Thanksgiving rolls around, please know how thankful we are for the faith, trust and confidence you have put in M3 and our relationship.  We are honored to help you in any way we can.  Call me, e-mail me, or text me - we're here for you!
Happy Thanksgiving!    
Skip and team