A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
December, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 12

Too Late is a Good Thing?


Why is it I can't get my timing right?  When I hear a stock tip, it's always too late.  I hear about a sale when it's over.  Birthdays, forget about it.  Heck, even my November Newsletter was 2 weeks late.  It always seems like I am a step behind instead of a step ahead in certain things. 

Now the government just announced we are in a recession, and have been for the past year.  Everywhere you turn, the news is gloomier and gloomier.  Well, here is some interetsting news for you.
The longest post-war depression was 16 months, and the average resssion has been 10 months.  At 12 months, we are already past the half way point.  Also, if the ression lasts until June, that will be 18 months, the longest "since the Great Depression", which we always seem to hear about. This will make the news media happy, and that seems about right.
What bothers me is the news.  You know news is suppoesed to sell advertisements and make money.  Right now, bad news put you in a panic, and you want to read and hear more.  Good news makes you just feel good.  Which ones do you get overloaded every day with?  Go figure. 
Guess what.  The Big Three are not going to sell 16M cars in 2009...but they will sell 12M.  People are still buying!
Yes, the new Administration in the U.S. Government will set a good course and take us out of this economic tailspin since the timing is right and just about then, the bad economic news will have its run its course, and it will be time to hear about good news.  Happens every time.  Stop joining the water cooler discussion.
"How's it going?"
"Good. How 'bout with you?"
"See any slowdown?"
"A little.  How 'bout with you?"
What can you do?  Not contribute to the problem for one.  Head down and;
1. Keep the faith.  We are at least half way through this.
2. Focus on where the money is.  Which customers are doing well?  Add this dimension to your prospecting.
3. Have a great holiday season. The same thing will be there in January, so enjoy what you have. 

Baseball Season Already?
Talking to a client who told me 2009 will be a tough year.  I asked him two questions?

Q1. What is going to make it tough for you?
He answered the economy, customers buying less, shrinking margins, and being commoditized by his competitors.
Q2.  You customer has just come out of a senior staff meeting.  What is he/she getting beat up over?
If we don't ask, instead of pitch, you will not be adding value. Psst...It's ALL about them!
Get a 30 second speech with some great questions prepared, or put together a 3 slide presentation that asks your customers to talk about their 2009 issues (Solution Box) that they need answers for.  It is just amazing how sales people are not ready to ask future based questions to their prospects that concern the prospect.
It's all about the customer's 2009 issues right now, and they don't have answers, which is why they are talking to you.  Ask them 2009 questions and you'll get more business.  Heck, it's better than pitching.



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What Your Prospects want to say...
Way too much has been written about asking the right questions, and then no one knows what those right questions are.  Kind of leaves you hanging.
Who cares what the right questions are.  You want to set up your questions for Validation, not Education.  Buyers want to be Validated.  Set up you validation question so the buyer hears what they want to hear, not what you want to say! 
"So, what we can offer you..." (hurts me to even write this!)
"So Mr. Thomas, if there was a way for you to get your Q3 product out in Q2, and increase cash flow and bring forward revenue one quarter, that would be important to you?"
"Yes, we can help you do that..... "
Good Luck! 
Transfer of Ownership
                                 Best Regards and Happy Holidays.
   Skip Miller
   M3 Learning