A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
November, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 11

See the Light


Q4 is upon us, and things do not look good.  Sales VP's are shedding their weight right now, for the tunnel is looking like a dark one. 


Most Sales Managers have:

-          Gotten rid of their C players....now
-          Assigned Q1 2009 quotas and territories
-          Realigned territories so the best territories go to the best people
-          Cut travel expenses and increase the use of the phone and the web to change their sales processes - it's about customer touches
-          Stress selling value as much as possible - margins are eroding

There are a lot of A players out there who are jumping off of losing ships.  Now is the time to shake the staff up and get some better talent.  The manager who surrounds themselves with the best talent usually ends up near the top.

Risk is the big issue out there...ValueStar...  Ask your prospects and customers what they see as their biggest risks for the first half of '09.  Help them with their risks, and you will create a sense of urgency well past any feature/function you can imagine. 
If you want some advice, take more quota early.  Put more quota in the first half of the year than the second half.  Set the bar high early.  You will win if the economy improves in the second half..you'll crush the number.  You will win if the economy worsens...you worked hard in the first half and did not look ahead.  Take the numbers now.

Focus on the C-T, the critical three.  See more about that in our tool section, but now is the time to keep your team and you focused on what is important.

A final note.  The media loves to play doom and gloom...it gets people's attention sells ads.  I didn't shop at Circut City (expensive), really give GM cars a look, (value??) and hope the Wall Street...whatever.  Have you tried to get a vacation room between Dec 26-Jan 4?  All sold out.  How about a Honda Civic Hybrid?  HP has record revenue and earnings.  Don't let the fear send you in a spiral. Be smart and sell to smart companies.
Yep, this is a tough economy, so sell to it.  Use the energy being created; people are still spending money.  Leaders lead, and lead your team through these times.  Worse case, it will be a tough year, but it's only a year.  Get ready for the light at the end of the tunnel, because there will be a light.

1Q Is Here!!
What is going to close in December is already in progress.   Worrying about it is going to cost you 2009 time and money.
There are two things you need to do right now.
1. Set up January sales calls.  Who is the most likely customers that will buy from you in 1Q?  Call high in these organizations and get a meeting with the senior managers, and ask them how does tehir 2009 look and what are they doing about it?  Best to know up fromt what's happening.
2. Use email and WebEvents to stay in touch with your lukewarm prospects.  Create a newsletter with some interesting information.  Costco does it...so can you.  Use guest speakers.  Everyone wants to know someone's opinion.  You use these communication channnels for your lower prospects, so you have time for your A prospects.
One more thing...our yearly reminder.  Quotas, compensation, and territories by January 1.  Your sales people will not sell unless they know what the rule of engagement are.  Especially in '09, you do not have the time to have your sales team on the bench for even a month.



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Qualify Early and Often!!!
Rememebr, when qualifying, ask, "What's the process to obtain a decision?", rather than "Who is making the decision?".  Asking Who gets you the people.  Asking What gets you the people, the process, and who has the power.  Ask "What", not "Who" for a better qualifying read.
Good Luck! 
                                 Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S.,
   Skip Miller
   M3 Learning