A Step Ahead
Skip Miller
September, 2008 Vol 2, Issue 9
The Sales Hockey Stick
As companies enter into the fourth quarter, sales teams a trying to make their quota.
The hockey stick formula...forty percent of the business in Q4...right?
Well, almost all sales managers back loaded their quota this year to make the first half look good.  INstaed of 45% of theoir business in the first half, they took 35% or so, hoping to have a good first half, and make up the second half.
Well, time to pay the piper.  You finished up 90+% in the first half, not what you hoped for, and now that big second half goal is staring you in the face.  Reality.  It's mid-September. 
There are only three choices to make:
1. Confess your sins and do what it takes to face reality.
2. The 4th Quarter Blitz - Customer centric not sales people centric. Ask customers what they need and what they want. . Short term results
3. Write it off an plan for an incredible 1st quarter in 2009.  What can you do in October/November to launch a great January???
Don't wait until it is too late, address the fourth quarter and make it happen! 
4th Quarter Blitz!
Engage more prospects
To get new customers more quickly than before, it helps to have a large funnel of prospects. Not only do you have to get to the prospects in your funnel, you must create an action plan to engage with all of the prospects that are available to you. To exceed your quota, you must be more than an order taker.
But how can you occupy the attention of a prospect you've never met, or someone who doesn't come from a friendly referral source, or someone who isn't so desperate to buy that they are only looking to you as an order taker?
Top sales performers share a trait in common they discipline themselves to allocate their time and resources across a number of prospects and existing customers, and in a way that
maximizes the return on their investment.

Better Qualify Prospects Earlier in the Cycle
Better qualification of prospects earlier in the sales cycle results in two benefits that will help you exceed your quota. The first benefit will be that you will identify your Yes's, No's and Maybe's and drop the Maybe's because they will kill you!
Redirect all of the time saved from not pursuing unqualified prospects towards pursuing qualified prospects or cold calling/ initial prospecting. Don't get caught in the trap of investing more time in a prospect just because you already have invested time. This is the principle of "sunk costs." 
Spend time on developing your qualifying questions. Focus the questions on Money, Method and Motivation.
Spend More Time Actually Selling
You can sell more if you spend more time selling and you can spend more time selling
if you spend less time running around. Use technology to give you more time for selling by
transferring non-sales meetings to the Web.
Take a hard look at internal meetings and switch to the Web whenver possible. Then
discipline yourself to use the time savings for personal calls on key prospects and
customers and for additional online selling efforts.
Accelerate Your Sales Cycle
Of course there are natural limiting factors in certain industries that slow down the sales cycle. But challenge yourself, what can you do
personally, and within your organization to accelerate the sales cycle. How can you
shorten the time between initial lead and closing. 
Find the customer's implementation date and create a plan with the customer, streamline the sales cycle.
Communicate More With Existing Customers
It's well accepted that it's easier to sell to an existing customer than to an unknown prospect.
So a critical component of exceeding your sales quota will involve additional sales to existing customers.
The strong your relationship with an existing
customer, the more likely they will seek you out for increased opportunities, and the more receptive they will be when you come to them
with additional offerings.



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Qualify Early and Often!!!
In order to make the 4th quarter blitz, we have to better qulaify our customers. Don't waste time on the Maybe's and the No's. Get to know the A customers and qualify early and often. Here is an article that may help qualify your customers!!
Good Luck! 
                                 Best Regards,
   Skip Miller
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